Stacking Spider Amara - M10 solo or coop build

Hi all,

I decided to write this doc up after explaining these interractions a million and seven times recently.

Here is one of my current Amara builds. This is a Zerker build that stacks TTB, Do Harm, Laid Bare and the 300>90 annoint to melt anything in the game.

Have you ever wanted to be able to melt 6 hardened badasses on M10 Slaughter Shaft in one trigger pull? Have you wanted to kill Fabricator with a fish? Do you like seeing 10s and 100s of millions every time you click your mouse? This build does that.!Aogmc0QYl3v9j3U7uIVWya2MVYmU?e=08as4G

Comments are welcome :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I’m waiting for the Phase 2 patch, DLC3 and the L60 cap increase to update this build and the related doc.

The 300/90 anoint is, for the moment, still the absolute king for using with TTB and stacked Do Harm, but you MUST have a weapon to change to after, as it’s worthless then.


GBX, in the Bordercast, specifically mentioned that they were addressing some instances of double-dipping in skills. I believe this will target TTB, Laid Bare and the 300/90 anoint, which breaks the core mechanic of the build.

In any event, I’ll update the doc, and probably do another, different one, depending on what the patch brings us.


Build link for those who are interested

This build deserves to be in Build list collection.
Dunno about the maths tho.

I tried it on mayhem 6 (because I don’t have all anointments) and… yep, it really melts enemies.

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Thank you. I simplified the math - it’s all correct, but I left out a bunch of damage things, both that single and double-dip. It’s already complicated enough that most people won’t read it.

This guide is fantastic, all the relevant information here easily accessible without having to sit through a rambling 20+ minute video.

Out of curiosity did you farm up that cryo x2 Kaoson yourself? I’ve spent hours and have a pile of 30+ of the damn things and not a single 300>90 one, much less full auto x2 cryo :frowning:

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Thanks! Yeah, miraculously that was the very first Kaoson I got. I had decent luck on the Sand Hawk farm, amazing luck on the Kaoson farm, and absolutely horrific luck on the DNA and a few others. Fortunately, Kaoson is pretty much the best GP weapon in the game now. So the Kaosons are all legit farms, the Cake is as well (amazingly, it dropped for me while I was already doing a Driver/Cake build and destroying stuff with a 40Kx2), the Shock Sand Hawk farmed, the other Hawks traded for, the Plaguebearer was farmed but then someone changed the annoint for me (sliding anoint no thanks). More than 200 runs on Warden for one Plaguebearer and zero M10 Boom Sickles, ugh rates.

I tried out the build and it’s fantastically effective. But for anyone considering it, be aware - my experience is that the Fish Slap won’t do jack if you are not holding a 300v90 gun. That item for whatever reason has a huge interaction with that particular anoint.

Dealing damage with guns will still work very well (but will not quite generate the level of silly 1-shots that 300v90 will) with other anoints that provide weapon, elemental, or splash damage buffs - ASE 100, ASE 2mags elemental (fakegrasp first is sometimes needed with these) and ASA 200 among others.

Krakatoa with 300v90 against basically any mobs can delete everything on the screen in one shot, I recommend that gun with this build wholeheartedly.

I’ve heard rumors that Eista is bugged to not drop the Skullmasher or Cocky Bastard at correct Mayhem level. If true, I hope they fix that, I really want to try this build with those guns. Bet it would be hilarious.


Yeah, the grenade only works on high Mayhem with the 300/90 anoint, Do Harm stacked, etc.

Other annoints can still work: I go through the math, but Do Harm, Awakening, Laid Bare, Personal Space, Victory Rush Bonus, all work to seriously multiply the damage you can do. You just won’t get the instagibs as easily.

And yes, the Krakatoa is meant for this build. I hesitated giving it a specific line in the weapons descriptions, but I already listed so many weapons. :slight_smile:

Eista is still “bugged” in that, like Wotan’s legs and Agonizer, he’s listed as a chest by the game, so he does not scale to Mayhem level.

Thanks for the review!

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For good reason. The build works really well with lots of different weapons and gear, it’s really flexible for mobbing.

My fiancé and I played two Amaras with something approximating your build last night and M10 Anvil (with Cartel event on) felt like easy mode for both of us. We each got downed a couple times to lingering DOTs but neither of us actually died. Neither of us had any of the same items equipped except the Zerker Com.
My loadout was Hawkin, Lob (shock) Yellowcake (only used on tanky lone targets), Krakatoa; Fish Slap (Rad and has singularity effect and ASE rad), Pearl, 0.m.

Hers was Kaoson (Shock), OPQ, Reflux, Maggie; Stop-Gap, Hex (Cryo), Ice Breaker VR.

She used Hex to build stacks - she likes the Kaoson and was using one with the CH anointment. She put 5/5 into Infusion because she was using two kinetic guns and wanted the Kaoson to deal fire damage as well as shock.

We like the combo of both of us dealing a lot of Cryo and her having the Ice Breaker. Might be overkill though.

Neither of us have a Cutpurse VR (why we weren’t using it) but we did not experience ammo issues at all, even though the Anvil is a gauntlet of spongy enemies.

So yeah, thanks for posting the build. It’s a blast to play and we really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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My pleasure!

In general, you won’t need more ammo. The Cutpurse tricks are more “just in case.” I’ve used the build to do True Takedown on M10 with launchers, and only thrown maybe 3 grenades in total for ammo, and even than, typically when I was still at 20 or so.

Enjoy your Amaras!

I’m using a slightly altered version of your build, it works really well and is fun to play. Neat trick I found that you probably already know is using the mayhem modifiers healy avenger and buddy system, as they provide extra targets for recursion procs and actually make a lot of fights easier, just grasp someone and fire, the recursion will take out all the invulnerability drones and the guys attached to them, often in one shot.

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Yup, that works. I generally run Healy, and I don’t usually run a recursion (I played a lot of driver builds for months, and Recursion is by far the best crowd control gun for that, especially now that the Seventh Sense isn’t really viable), and thus prefer Post Mortem to Buddy System (Remnant orbs DO track DEATH).

Hmm, good to know, I hated postmortem when I tried it on another character, might have to give it a shot on Amara. Now, if TTB would link up the buff drones, death orbs and such…

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Very cool build. Using it with modifiers Speed Demon, Mob Mentality, Chain Gang, Rogue Lite

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Glad you are enjoying it! I was running Rogue, but that’s a tough trade in Takedown where there are a few things that can drop you straight to FFYL. I switched to Post Mortem and discovered that Remnant orbs target DEATH. Other than that, you run the same mods I do.

I’ll add a section on mayhem mods to the build doc at some point.

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