Stacking XP boosters with XP Event?

Is it possible to get triple the XP from using your own XP boosters along with Battleborn’s Double XP Event? I’m not sure if that will work, so I’m asking if anyone has done it before or has seen info about this.

I believe one of the devs set that out in a post recently. It’s a flat bonus that stacks. So you don’t get geometric increase (X2 X2 X2) but you can stack gains.

Edit: Sorry, misread and thought you meant boosters from team members. The X4 for a single player @jedc750 mentioned is what I saw in the dev post as well.

I believe they have said this works. if everyone in your group has the xp boost as well as the event IIRC I believe they said it comes out to something like 4x the exp you would normally get.

Really?? That’s awesome! Because I don’t like grinding so much… So it’s completely alright to use my XP booster while the double XP event is ongoing?