Stadia shift code redemption Gift of Mayhem not working

I am on Stadia, I used all the Gift of Mayhem, only the Juleits Dazzle arrived in my mail box, but when I went to claim it, the mail disappeared and I have no gun.

Also, none of the other Cosmetic items are there. But they show in my SHIFT reward history.

please help

I checked earlier today for someone else, and it is not yet possible to link your SHIFT and Stadia accounts on the SHIFT web site. So I do not know if it’s actually possible to redeem SHIFT rewards on Stadia at this point. You may want to contact GBX and ask specifically about that by filing a support ticket

I was able to link to Stadia. And redeem specifically for Stadia. On the Shift site.

Weird. I’ve been here twice today, and this is what I see:

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 6.16.47 PM

Maybe it got b0rked?

I will reach out as you suggest.

Check the Quick Change Station, all cosmetics are automatically there, even if you didn’t redeemed a mail.

I checked. They are not there.

I’m having the same issue. I linked the accounts by logging into my shift account through the game on Stadia and I got the golden keys that I used the shift codes for but none of the Gifts of Mayhem. They show up on my rewards history for Stadia both in game and on the site though.

I’ve been hearing things about there being issues with the stadia version of the game also being out of date. Could that be part of the issue?