Stage 9: The Gunhulk

With a melee hero, what is a good way to fight the Gunhulk? After her loses his guns , and camps in the center island he just keeps knocking me off, his AOE is redic, and the range of his knock back is crazy. I have beaten him with melee heros just takes me half my lives. =_=

depends on the hero for how i’d do it, who are you using if you don’t mind me asking?

Last one i was using was Rath for his lore, and man it was a pain in the butt.

when playing as rath I play extremely conservatively/ hit and fun/run. drop down and cataclysmic slash/ dreadwind then run like a scared little not a vampire bunny


any advice for when you get knocked up? should i push back to him, or push out to another island?

for me it’s situational. if you’re knocked back rather than up don’t fight it. steer it as best you can. or if you have cataclysmic smash off cooldown try using it to stop the knockback(of course don’t do this if you’re not over land)

those are all I can think of to help you

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You’re just kind of at a disadvantage with rath. Just about every other melee character has a way to bounce back from a knockback. But yea the catalytic smash thing would work but it’s hard to pull off considering you have to be touching the ground. Pretty unlikely with a boss-level knockback

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It’s 8th mission, not 9th.

What I do is jump to snowy (Bliss) island, hide behind a column on its upper level and wait for the boss to jump to this island too. Then I jump down to the lower level where boss is and keep staying between him and a wall so that he doesn’t push me off the island. This is my favorite place to battle all bosses.


…Yup, be patient he will eventually jump over there.
Still, knockback is such in this game he once knocked me as Ambra so high behind that area I went out of the map.

Do you have and are you using the UPR-SG12 Wolfskin Legendary item. It does help, some. Otherwise, be patient and avoid fighting on center; as previous post indicated. Good luck.

I did try to use it for many runs in a row and eventually found it practically useless. Looks like many of knock-backs there aren’t knock-backs actually so Wolfskin doesn’t work on them.

Wouldn’t you like to fix the title for the thread? “Heliofage: The Gunhulk fight”. There’s no Stage 9 in the game. Yet.

You can do that by editing your opening post.

As the others have said, don’t engage in Heliophage fights in the Center platform, the Winter/Snowy/Bliss platform is the best for most fights. If you stay far enough away, Gunhulk will jump to it. This platform is the best for most fights, though the throne platform is also good for some of the other boss fights like the Conservator.

It doesn’t work :frowning:

…Seems to work with some characters, I am using it with Orendi specifically for Helio Advanced.
Costly to use for sure since I also use Orendi’s legendary with it.

If you playing Rath always consider taking “TERROR FROM ABOVE” on lvl 3. Double jump can cancel any enemy’s juggling or knockback attacks. Just jump as soon as possible, when you’re launched. You can also try to lure Gunhulk on the island with the temple, its walls will make the fight safer.

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