Stage coach idea

Since the stage coach is so good and out preforming alot of shot guns why not make it a legendary and the red text be a quote from red dead 2 when you use the stage coach to get somewhere specifically arthur going “can i get a ride?” Idk

There is a legendary stagecoach. Its called Hellwalker. Having less fixed parts is what makes the purples so good.


Hellwalker got like half the pellets though

Hellwalker has half the pellets of what a purple stagecoach can potentially roll. Non the less it is the Stagecoaches legendary version. Maybe buff the Hellwalker by giving it less fixed parts so it can roll with more pellets.

Actually yeah thats a good idea

How about they increase the rate of drops when above 18 pellets.
Been looking for that and high damage proturbelances since I reached level 50, drops like rain when you’re under lvl 40.

How would that work with the pentagram?

Get a Hellwalker with 100 damage ASE and oh my lord things die.

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I have that, I have both rakk and the gammaburst anointments, wish I had phasecast but oh well.
This though,this down here made me so happy to get and I can’t wait to use it with a phasegrasp or Fadeaway build.

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Have additional pellets over 10 overlap.

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