Stagecoach x25 what you got

open to trades

I can’t post a picture (at work atm) but mine has the same rolls as yours but with ASE Shock dmg if you’re interested.

I have the shock also

Wow! I run FL4K and have God Roll allegiance mods (pretty much cover every manufacturer) and some real nicely rolled artifacts. Also some very serious weaponry and gear . Let me know what you’re looking for.

I’ve got a few wedding invitations, ase redistributors, a Moze 125 fire redistributor, some ase spooling recursions and a cryo sntnl spooling recursion, cryo sntnl cutsman and splash cutsmans. Off the top of my head. A good seein’dead or two if you use those

Add mightguyyo always looking for new flak gear

I’ll add you and send you some starters tonight. Also have a couple of real nice CHS Grenades 50% elemental fire/rad and a rad recurring Hex.

I have the grenades.

Ok. I’ll focus on mods.