Stainless steel bear and the new skill tree?

Been playing around with the skill planners with the new tree and all of a sudden stainless steel bear is only showing as one boost, damage.

The additional armor boost has dropped to zero as well as the additional fuel boost.

Has this been discussed or released info by the devs.

A limit to IB they just don’t want to talk about in all the hype?

For Bear builds SSB is such a fantastic skill.

Also Appears specialist Bear has dropped back to 25%

The skill tree bonuses on the website are not accurate a lot of the skills have old stats.



Do you know of a site that has the new skill tree with all the old tree stats correct?

This seems odd for a AAA game that wants to put its best foot forward.

@Noelle_GBX Are you aware of this? Might want to tell the web site folks.

I think GBX will fix IC scaling before Nov 10th and also buff some of the skills in this new tree

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