Standalone dlc not on xbox?

Title. I see the season pass still but not the stand alone version. I believe it’s on ps4 though

I assume you are talking about the Moxxi DLC? If you cant download it, go on the store and use the search to search for it by name.

I own it through season pass and found it on app, but can’t see a option for download, I wanted to pre install while I’m at work.

Try this,
First, you need to be the person that loaded BL3.
Second, go to store type border, then enter, you should see several borderlands ritles.
Three, find the BL3 add-ons and click on it.
Four, click install. It should be 6.06 GB.
Hope this helps, took me a while to sus it out.I

Easiest way to find really is go to the xbox store on your computer using your browser. Then in the search box, search for moxxi’s heist. It’ll come up that way.

That’s where I started, but it told me I had to pay though I had the season pass. You need to add in the season pass before it allows the Fox download you paid for.