Standard shield recharge

Does anyone know how long the standard shield recharge delay is for this game? Trying to determine if shield recharge gear is worth it.

Good question. I have no idea what a good shield recharge delay reduction on my gear is supposed to be.

Standard is 5 seconds.

Source: Testing in private vs matches on various heroes using a timer from the time of being hit to the time it starting to charge (without taking additional hits between those two times).


I want to say it varies from character to character, but is an average of maybe 4 seconds, but I’m not completely sure actually…



I don’t recommend a reduced recharge delay on the majority of heroes. It’s certainly situational for sure. I love to run reduced shield recharge delay, +recharge rate and +shield on Kleese as I helix into the one that when you use your mortars you consume all of your shields and it is converted into +100% damage = to the shields you had at the time.

Proper gear and helix selection turns him into a very dangerous hero if played right. I imagine this is why they are changing him some in the next patch =)

I am glad you ask. I think they first roll 3d4 to determine how long each characters shield would take to recharge. Yet we have to account for the lunar cycle and how it effects shield delay charges so that their is variation and more replay-ability in the game so that recharge time might vary. Some of you might be doubting my answer but their is no official answers for most of the questions about mechanics in this game so for all we know my guess is as valid as everyone else’s :scream:

Since there is no official answer I asked here on the forums, and I got my answer: about 5 seconds.
Your cynicism doesn’t help me at all, if you want to complain about something make your own thread.

I think Kelvin has a shorter than normal shield recharge delay, but then again, Kelvin is an odd case.