Stanley the Gunzerker: UVHM Reset OP8 Playthrough

This is here for me to post updates on how Stanley is doing in his efforts to farm some of the best gear at OP8. As many of you will now know, I only just reached OP8 for the first time ever and as such i’m looking forward to getting some top level equipment.

Anyone can drop in and leave comments, also if anyone is looking for a specific quest reward at OP8, and it isn’t one I was bothered about (assuming you’re on Xbox One) I might be able to help you out :slight_smile:


First real progress update, Stanley took care of some ruffians in a town called Liars Berg, as well as some rather aggressive primate-like creatures, the like of which he has never seen (apart from the other 3 playthroughs, but we’ll paper over that :smiley: ).

Once he had done that, he backtracked a little to attempt a farm of a Hornet from a primate called Knuckedragger, but after a dozen or so kills, no drop, so he moved on to the rather charming town of Gingerton. There, he helped to rescue the inhabitants from a maniacal and unstable oversized snowman, with a penchant for hats, and murder.

Upon vanquishing said snowman, Stanley then delivered some talking gifts to the natives, in an effort to build peaceful relations, but as it turns out the gifts were nothing more than a masked attempt at further distress on the townsfolk.

Stanley bravely and selflessly slew the pocket sized robots that appeared, and once again the town was saved. He then looted a train that coincidentally arrived, but got very little of use, sadly.


You’ll probably get more interaction through the ‘what did you do in your last session’ thread. A lot of us check in there every 1-2 days to read up on what others are up to!