Star Wars the Force Awakens (spoiler alert, talk about plot and characters) only enter it if you saw the film, and don't cry if you didn't and enter you have been warned

Saw it last night and it was the movie I had waited for.

Loved Finn, he had that naive quality about him where all his life he was trained to be a killer but didn’t want to be.

Ren was a great bad guy and was everything Anikin should have been in the prequels. He has force powers but he is not fully trained and runs on raw emotion.

Kind thought Had would die but didn’t see it going down the way it did. Had the whole Ren as the son figured out but was not 100% sure but him killing his father… will not lie had a tear.

Rey was the best part of the movie and what a great character. Full body chills when she pulled the lightsaber

The ending with Luke was great too

So much more after I get time to think it over…


I haven’t seen the movie but I <3 spoilers

There were some people i was my group that were pissed as hell when Han died, but they were Han fans so its no surprise. Ren felt a bit weird to me. When he had his helmet on he was Mr. Badass but when he took it off he just seemed to turn into this whiny child. It kinda makes sense because he is trying to emulate Anakin/Vader and in the prequels Anakin was the most annoying little douche in the whole series. (I did NOT like Hayden Christensen at all) Hopefully killing Daddy and fully committing to the Dark side will fix that.

Also PLEASE tell me Captain Phantasma made it out of that garbage chute in time, she was way underused.

just for kicks some of the wildlife in the theater

Vader had switched lightsabers with the kid for the second one.

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nerds !!!

Yeah. The guy who was first in line had been there since 4am and was dressed as Luke from RotJ. I would make fun but he had a really cute girl with him that was dressed as a sith complete with a dark side corset so I let it slide. Wanted a picture of her but wasn’t able too. The group I was with had been there since 9am but I joined them around 3pm.

The planet that got destroyed by the death star or what ever it was called was that Coruscant?

Was the whole republic wiped out ?

Are the resistance different from the republic ?

Is Snoke the Jedi that luke failed with and kylo his disciple

Rey is she lukes daughter or han and leahs ?

First of all, did anyone else think “STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIRS! I CANT CLIMB STAAAAIRS” in the scene where BB8 is following Rey down into the basement?

ST8 has a good line of questions here, so I think I’ll start with those.

Likely, and huge if that’s the case. Also sad if we don’t get a movie about the rebellion/resistance taking coruscant. That was one of the things from the EU that I always thought would be amazing.

You see the sun beam split into like 5 seperate beams and wipe out a few planets/systems, and everyone reacts like the republic is gone, so I think yes, although they could have explained it better. Oddly, I could have used some more space politics in this one- “See, the reason we call them the first order is that they make up the most of imperial remnants. There are other warlods vying for power, and the republic has hold on a few core systems with a lot of resources but low population. Thankfully we are able to keep them sa- oh they blew up.” That would have been nice.

It seemed like the resistance was a full on splinter group dedicated to fighting dark force users, which is why they were doing the direct fighting by the first order. It could be an unofficial politically funded “terrorist” group against them, but I think they were clear that the republic was their breadbasket, providing people and funding. Again, they could have done some clarification there. Then again, it leaves more worldbuilding for the other movies, which might have been a factor.

I dont think so. I think Kylo was the one that luke failed with, or at least Han seemed to heavily indicate that. I think that Snoke is a full outside sith that came to power after palpatine. Mayhaps even a palpatine clone, maybe fighting the advanced aging gene that clones sometimes get.

I think rey is luke’s. Any other explanation for her force powers being that potent with a pep talk and no training is horseshit, barring something crazy like “the empire cloning jedi”.

And my own questions-

Did anyone else think they were actively pulling certain things from the EU? When the black ties show up with the red stripes I almost ■■■■ myself because I automatically thought of the 181st. I really hope thats the case.

… Thats actually the only question I have.

Thought it was great, a solid reboot. Felt like it was more about the characters than the effects, and they left a lot of meat on the bone for sequels/spin offs.

Not a reboot but as proper sequel. (unless you count it as having rebooted the EU)

And I don’t see the whole Republic being wiped out as much as the core government and fleet. Its basically the equivalent of what would happen if Washington DC got nuked, the main government would be gone but there would probably still be officers, officials, and other ships that were out of the system when it happened.

The movie wasn’t very clear on what the resistance is. I think it was a group fighting the First Order from within the First Order’s own territory that was backed by the Republic. Again the movie wasn’t very clear on that.

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Yeah, you can say that again. The way that my theory works is that the galaxy is in absolute turmoil right now, with several imperial splinters vying for power, and the first order being the biggest of them. The republic is a big power because of resources, but can’t directly fight the first order because while they have a lot of resources, the first order could likely (and did) wipe them out with their military, so they’re funding the resistance which is a separate splinter group of the original rebel alliance solely against dark side manipulation. They can make that move, and everyone knows they’re making that move, but to strike directly against them would bring bad juju politically and the first order doesnt have the same hold on all the systems that the original empire did. Then in the movie, the first order calls the bluff because they really want to find skywalker, because they are basically run by sith, like the empire does - it’s a big enough thing to them motivationally to say “■■■■ it” and throw caution to the wind to try and get the last real jedi before he trains more.

It’s the only way that I was able to make sense of everything, but that’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

haven’t seen it, but if anybodies a BBT fan, last episode they went to the premiere, -sheldon (not spoiling this one) so they took will wheton, who showed up in full star trek gear. Epic. Not a trekkie.

Kylo >>> Vader

Checkmate Atheists.

Well she was cast for episode 8 so I’d say so.
Kinda lame that she and Snoke were underused.

I also hope Snoke is just a dwarf over compensating.

They blew up the Hosnian System so Hosnian Prime or everything around Hosnian Prime was blown up.

Fixed that for you.

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I didn’t see Vader kill Han, Vader took him to dinner. Checkmate.
Vader’s a wheezy breathing punk BUSTA

That was the plan, he kept Han alive and tortured the ■■■■ out of him so Luke would sense his pain and draw him into his trap. Vader was psychological and disciplined, right now Kylo is just angry and a tad out of control. Hopefully when Snoke “completes his training” he’ll turn around.

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Only reason he didn’t kill Han was so his kids wouldn’t continue to smooch.
Han was the real hero of the OT.

Loved it, going to see it a few more times. Can’t wait for VIII.

I loved the nod to the Death Star…Star Killer base basically makes a Star Dead before shooting. Also anyone wished the new Snoke is actually that size in life? rather the hologram making him that big? Guess we will see in VIII.

No an eu guy so I have no idea what the hosnian system is. Is the Senate gone