Start Endgame with Zane

Hello Everybody,

first i hope i created this Thread in the correct forum categorie…

Borderlands 3 is my first Game in the Franchise and i love it. I had so much fun playing this game and take with my first char all sidequests and collectibels. Now after 50-60 hours i have played the main game and the Casino DLC. Now iam 50 and i dont know what to do.

Please dont get me wrong i informed me about the endgame modes etc but i dont know how to start correctly. I leveled Zanbe with a googeled “Zane level build” but allready on Mayhem one i hit against my limits.

I searched some build for zane but the biggest Problem is, that all this builds need the coorect Weapons and artifacts and mods etc… but my fresh character… he has nothing Oo

So i hope iam good enough to asked some clearly questions…

  1. Are there any Mayhem starter Builds for Zane?

  2. Have you some good starting Tipps to get some Ground in the Endgame?

  3. Where do you find the most players for the Multiplayer?

  4. Is THVM necessary for the Endgame and the Multiplayer?

Thanks a lot


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Plenty here posted. Honestly if you have the DLC, if you equip Seein’ Dead, you can make any build Mayhem ready,… no joke.

End game is farming for that ‘correct loot’ (you mentioned) to synergize and make a build more efficient. Once done that, it is time to make your own fun, try ‘Zaney’ things out or start a new character.

Good luck, matchmaking is horrendous. Try to make friends here, reddit, or discord and get a game going.

Not yet anyway, normal mode on Mayhem provides same results. TVHM is good for resetting story/missions.

Hope this helps!