Start equipping your pvp titles to be distinguished

I know some of us only like to play with players among our same or higher level of skill/experience . We do not like to be teamed up with lower level players which normally equals to just average or below average skilled players due to the lack of experience they have. We also do not like to go against lower levels. Yes, I know there are many level 100 that play worse than level 10. However, chances were still high to find skilled players among those ranks compared to lower tiers.

With the CR level now hidden the only feature available to pinpoint if you are skilled or inexperienced before the match even starts is by title recognition. Yes you can still view the levels of your team members and opponents in the character selection screen but I’m sure that will get patched soon(assuming the devs stick with the idea of hiding the CR)

For example, titles like “Medicinal Use Only”, “Bada Bada Boooom”, “Fours Sensitive”, or the title to kill 50 sentries without taking damage (forgot the name) will speak volume on how much experience and skill you might have.

I’ve seen some pretty tragically bad Rath players destroy the world with Dreadwind, this is hardly a showing of skill or experience IMO. As for Fours Sensitive, I’d totally run away from that, I’d rather see a full premade of CR100s with Pentastrike than one Fours Sensitive.


You can be safe now - El Dragons will haunt you no more ^^. Those who have that title, more or less nailed it with El Dragon’s help .


Really? I’ve seen worthy of song title under the possession of a level 14 player but never Bada Bada Boom with a low skilled player. Maybe you misjudged that player? Maybe he was trying out a new character to get familiar with it and improve upon in pvp? Or maybe he had 0 backup from his team members playing all defensively?

If a team gets constantly destroyed by a Rath Ult every 80-90 seconds, as far as I’m concerned they’ve earned it. Most Raths are two trick ponies. Now if you mean way back when when his Ult lasted longer, did more damage and was on 60 second cool down, that’s some horse crap, my friend.

Me and my friends always put on Thug. Thugs are intimidating, ergo i must be intimidating with that title :wink:

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I’m a botanist always because I’m a fan of plants. I also think most “hard” titles are done against teams of kindergartners so it’s a poor indication of skill.

I usually run with Observer (the highest rank Eldrid title) or Angel, which is decent. I’m rank 100 with 300+ hours in this game and I still haven’t got anywhere near Worthy of Song or anything like that. Highest total kills ever was 18 for 0 and 22.

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You’re right, Not all pvp titles demonstrate player’s skill in its entirely but they at least give you a hint on where the players stand. If such players obtained those titles by going against “kindergartens” then it shows they can play better than those types.

I started to judge players based on their titles now that the CR is hidden. If I see someone with a low tier pvp title or no title at all, it usually means a low level/skilled player. So far it proves to be working!


It took me 9 tries to get that title. The previous 8 times I had between 22-24 kills until I experienced all the scenarios below

  • Teamates ended the match too quickly (happened 3 times)

  • Opponents surrendered too soon (happened twice)

  • Miko stole my 25th kill with a single knife attack while I did the rest of the damage (happened once)

  • Got too excited that I was going to get the title. I had 24 kills and over 5 mins to spare on my favor that I started to play horribly after that (happened twice)

Oooh, harsh. For me it’s probably just that I’m too slow to get my game on and only start racking up kills 10 minutes in. I once had a match where I was 0 for 3 and 9, and with 5 minutes left I hit 12 for 3 and 19. Guess I’ve never been that good early game =D

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If you keep playing, you’ll get it. You’re getting closer and closer to obtain it!

Did you get yours yet @FlamesForAll?

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When in Character Select Screen, you can still see everyone’s CR if you go to their name and select them.


No…not even close lately…

le sigh

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I would like to see both the level and the title, so that I can have a little basis on how much I can expect at first cause there are times where I see a healer on the loadout screen and choose a wave clearer or pusher but realize that they don’t actually heal and instead fight up front for some odd reason. For instance, an Alani that only heals themselves or an Ambra that places hotspots unreasonably far into an enemy base where it’s practically useless.

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Nah man. I like my low level titles. I don’t like titles like Bada Bada Boom or Fours Sensitive because they are intimidating and feel like a show off (also I suck at PvP and can’t even unlock them so lmao).

Also they hid CR for a good reason. Many people asked for it because people constantly backed out if they saw much higher or lower levels. But in all honesty, I’ll rather back out now if I was up against a team with all of the intimidating titles. CR doesn’t mean much, but if I’m up against a team of Fours Sensitives, Worthy of Songs ect I’m gonna drop right out :sweat_smile:

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I use Season Pass Holder

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Respect for that!

I’ve been using “Friend To All” for about a month…

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…Equips Hobo


I use Toddler’s Play Time cause to me is the funniest one I have.
I only really started to pay PvP in the last month or so for the lore challenges. It’s grown on me but I always run into teams of 100s. As an inexperienced 100 paying with a lot of random sub 55s, it seldom ends well.