Start LOGO's are too LOUD!

Do you have the A … open or how?

The start Logos are so extremely loud that I either get frightened every time, my Subwoofer goes crazy and clanging or my neighbor is knocking, especially when I start Borderlands 3 in the evening.

Can you lower the Volume of the Logos by 50+ Decibels or incorporate the possibility to skip them?

Because I am fully on my ears and substance. Simply put, it is extremely annoying.


Haha I’m also trying to remember to turn off the speakers when starting the game.
Just gonna rename the video files to skip them completely.

They are seriously loud. I also can’t stand the ‘gearbox’ intro, makes me cringe.

I think there was a twitter vote to decide on it and I’m baffled that got selected.


how loud are your speakers man? and dont say not to loud because my tv doesnt make it the intro that loud

That gearbox scream scared me everytime for the first couple days. I then proceeded to delete the movie files and that solved that issue.

It is a tad over the top…
Count me in.

On PS4.

Or maybe it’s time for you to get one?


Sounds like your neighbor isn’t a fan of hard rock. That guitar wakes me up every time… and gets me in the mood!

I mute my system every time I start my game…TOO LOUD!

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I just wish you could skip all those intro logos and the intro cutscene too… It’s so annoying that it takes so long for you to start the game AND create a new character, even after you already beat the game…

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If you rename: 2KLOGO.mp4, AMDLOGO.mp4 and GBXLOGO.mp4 found in
\Borderlands3\OakGame\Content\Movies, you will not have to deal with that ( you might have to repeat that again when there is an update). Instead of the logo, you will see Claptrap prancing around the loading screen;)


It’s loud, but not THAT loud.

That said, every time that Gearbox logo pops up my German Shepherd wants to find and kill the kid saying it.

i love your German Shepherd already

I have to use headphones no matter what cause im hard of hearing and the intro actually causes me physical pain every time i open the game. Quite insane that “throw proof headphones” are a requirement for this game.

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As someone who listens to metal at full volume with headphones and has a minor hearing problem, I second this.

The Gearbox sound is way to loud. It makes me hate seeing the Gearbox logo.


The Gearbox logo is by far the loudest sound in the game. It scares the dogs, and is just kind of annoying. It’s not a huge gripe on my end, but would be a nice quality of life improvement to either be able to skip it, or normalize the volume to fall in line with ALL the other sounds coming out of the speakers.

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I love the new sound. But it should be skippable.

+1 gearbox please fix this!!! this is too loud!

gearbox should fix this IMMEDIATELY!
this is so annoying!

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Can gearbox get on this crap ffs? This is the most pathetic flaw in a game so good.