Start of my battleborn day

I’m guessing most of the people on PS4 know more or less the more memorable players on said console and would remember what characters they play and how good/bad they are. IF you know a certain player is a nightmare to face when they’re using an ISIC/Attikus, you ban those characters and save yourself some grief.

I do it sometimes and I’ve seen it done by others lol


Yeah @Nemosis327 probably will have to use deande lol I know your play style too >_>
All day today, only used Mellka once and that’s it. I mean it’s flattering in a sense but not being able to use your favorite character is ehhh
@EdenSophia I been constant ban all day with nerf poison Mellka

I’m getting that treatment, I even msg 2 of the teams I encountered and all said "Mellka"
I then used Thorn went 13 kills 2 deaths, same opponents, ban Mellka, one of them used Thorn because his team said so
It’s flattering

That game we played where you were Mellka was the only time you got to use Mellka? Damn…It was a great game though.

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Well for characters like Attikus, Pendles, Dragon etc. it’s best to not ban them since those characters really aren’t the strongest and can be easily countered.

Yep it’s the sad truth tbh
@EdenSophia was draft available when you played? If so where you constant ban

Lol @ Pendles, he’s a joke when you get to counter him, even in good hands. Only if Pendles is last pick with no counters can he do something in the right hands. I agree more or less.

Gali, Boldur, Kelvin, Alani, Ernest, Ghalt, Benny, Beatrix are usually safe things to ban.

Coordination alone is usually enough to counter Pendles.

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Death and Fire as well. :open_mouth:

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Well you must not have played against a good Toby then. :sunglasses:

@HandsomeCam, I’ll let you take over from here.

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Oh that’s where you’re wrong. I’ve played against @vagrantsun who’s recognized as one of the best Toby’s on ps4.


He could melt a sentry faster. Also, his Ult can kill more Battleborn at a time. That’s about it though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@ISIC4EVER, yeah, @lolattheseforums is probably right about @vagrantsun being a better Toby player than me, seeing as he’s just a stronger fighter period.

Still, i’m the better known Toby for how much i open my beak on these forums. Uh, i mean MOUTH…



ISIC is a hell of a matchup for Toby, as he freely reflects rail shots and mines off his wards and does consistent damage. What Toby does better is waveclear (Discharge, invariably, will wipe an entire wave in seconds along with any players near it) and CC - wide/slow mines shut down the entire lane, and stun mines are an awesome followup and personal defense.

ISIC has better survivability, mobility, and free Wound, and can ignore a lot of firepower to apply pressure, which Toby can’t at all.


When Battleborn first started, ISIC was definitely better than Toby (although, it could have just seemed that way because I mained as Marquis when Battleborn first came out. That doesn’t exactly give me the best perspective when it comes to Toby’s functionality). At this point… ISIC isn’t unplayable, but he doesn’t have the durability to do what he used to in game modes like Incursion and Meltdown. I can’t really push people back or hold the line the way a good Toby can. Toby’s stun alone gives him an edge that ISIC just doesn’t have anymore.

Both the characters have their pros and cons, and ISIC can still be awesome, but I feel like Toby does his job better… I mean, he can win a private Incursion match 5-1 with over 40 kills (gg @ISIC4EVER). I tried the same thing with Marquis, and it didn’t go well. I still need to give it a shot with ISIC though, so we’ll see.


Backdoor the first sentry in Overgrowth with Plasma Dash while everyone is looking the other way.

YEEES. Logic and reason. Thank you. :innocent:

These are very fair points towards their strengths and weaknesses… but talking about what they offer for their team, not ISIC vs Toby.

Toby can’t stay in a fight for as long, granted, but even if he’s only in action for a few seconds, he can get some shots in. With those few shots you can kill a shepard, take out a turret, or may even be able to kill someone. (If you land a crit) The sheer amount of damage he can do more than makes up for any of his weaknesses.

Toby can survive a bit of pressure, but then again, I stack up to 800 shields as him. Making him able to stay in for way longer since he can’t be crit.
Even with the FF down, you can fire a few more shots as you retreat. Toby is also better at deterring people who try to get close, with his stun and effective quick melee. Heck, that stun makes it so Toby can take a thrall in four seconds, and his ult is one of the best to defend against the twin thralls.

Even in a bad match, I managed to get 28 kills as him. I run a common shield gear, an epic LLC skill and shield gear, and then a rare LLC attack damage. So I don’t run anything that special. As Toby, all you need is just a few seconds. If things go wrong, you can boost away. Sure, if you get focused on you’re dead, but that happens to anybody. ISIC included. Toby’s main advantage to ISIC is a two second stun and an easier escape.

I really feel that Toby doesn’t get the attention of most BB players as much as he should. Toby is a beast. He kills people way faster than anybody else in this game, and clears waves better than anyone in this game. Then again, this all just my personal experience and opinion.

…I just find it ironic for them to say ISIC is good in the right hands, but write off Toby so easily. Toby is the destroyer of worlds, man. He will melt your face before you know what is hitting you.

P.S. I think you mean 1v5. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Obviously he can’t to do what he used to be able to do because he’s not ridiculously broken anymore. That’s not to say he’s bad or much less say that Toby does what ISIC can but better because that’s not the case. ISIC puts out immense pressure while still holding his own and not be pushed out of lane as hard as Toby is which gets even worse with a WF or Marquis. He can aid in pushing by focusing his damage on one person or spreading it out with his ult as long as you do it from an ideal position with the right timing. His ult can also clear waves very quickly so he’s not bad at holding the lane either.

@EdenSophia welcome back!