Start of my battleborn day

If anyone does that well in Incursion with Toby the enemy team has no shooters worth anything.

As a side note, I am now on my thirteenth consecutive Toby ban in Versus Draft.

It’s a little annoying.

We never managed to get Draft games happening at our hours. The queue was just empty. I think I played two games of it total, and I didn’t recognize anyone on the other teams, probably because we were queuing so early in the day to make it possible…

The thing about Toby is that he’s a coin flip. If the enemy team writes you off as unimportant and ignores you, you will own the match; but if they focus you, ESPECIALLY with a good Whiskey, Ghalt or Marquis, then you’re f*cked. Toby IS a beast, and an incredible member of any comp with his stun mines; but he can also be shut down quite easily.

However, even if he was El Dragon bad, and a detriment to my team, i’d STILL pick him; because i love that little g-

I-I mean i RESPECT his badassness! Yeah… That.

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Funny @lolattheseforums wouldn’t leave me alone during the 10 mans. I would go to the sniper area, the back near the accelerator and even the bunker area, but marquis just kept sniping away.That’s also where mew raged and said I ruined his fun boy was that fun


That’s a typical Toby match gone wrong; one dedicated person who knows what Toby is capable of if left unchecked, who makes it their goal to keep you out of lane. Those are the matches where i constantly apologize to my team for not being as good as normal, and where i have to play sniper-Toby, which i hate.

I’ve also done this myself as Whiskey many times, and i always kinda feel bad, because i know how un-fun and frustrating it is. Like i said: Toby is the coin-flip(per :smirk:) character…

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The happiest times I ever had playing Marquis pre-reveal nerf was when I’d see a Toby and Pendles on the others team.

“It’s cool guys, this game is 4v3.”

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Breaking Character…

I haven’t played draft much. (Long wait time on PC and have only been able to get on late nights) But the funniest moment was when the enemy team recognized my user name and draft banned Benedict immediately. You know… not realizing I’m a very eclectic player and I happened to be working on Whiskey Foxtrot lore that day. Also that I main supports…


To be fair, on draft mode you will see Benedict constantly get banned. It’s not with the intent to “target ban” a specific player but more because Benedict is 1 of the 4 Incursion game breaking characters if played skillfully.

He’s not really game breaking anymore. The last nerf put him in a good spot. Skilled Benedicts are still a threat but they are more likely to be counter picked now then banned.

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True but that’s not the case on Xbox1. Benedict, Orendi and Galilea are the 3 characters I see get banned the most where both teams compose of good players.

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No Kelvin?

Not as often as those 3. I would say Ernest/Ghalt are around the same amount as the 4th. I’m also surprised Boldur doesn’t get banned more often. Now that I main this character, I learnt that he is extremely powerful on a coordinated team.

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Not even boldur?

Edit: typed it before I read the post above

I’ve come to accept that there are so few people that play Boldur on console, he’s only really worth a target ban. Would you ban Boldur if you weren’t against HaloBlade or the PC players in one of our 10 mans. Granted, if I’m against any Boldur mains, I’ll ban him right away.


Well there is usually a boldur player in private matches, but in pubs I wouldn’t ban him

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I ban Boldur every game I’m not getting Toby. If I’m getting Toby I don’t care because if someone takes him I pick a Double Hug setup and eviscerate him every time he puts his shield up.


Yeah, Toby is Boldur and Galilea’s bane. Well, ANY melee, really. They come at me all “LOL, what’s your railgun gonna do against my SHIELD, son?”, and i just stun them and think “Nothing; but my team is gonna chew yer dumb ass up!”

I also cherish every kill on a dumbass Pendles that comes at me after Toby hits level 4, because i HATE Pendles…


I never understand why Pendles goes for Toby after the first three minutes. You start with a free escape in boost jumps; when you hit 3 you get +240 shield so Injection > melee doesn’t even break your shield; and when you hit 4 both slow and stun instantly ruin his day.

But every game with a Pendles in it, there he is, invariably poking me from behind, dying shortly thereafter, four or five times a game.

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I know, right? I keep qouting the “fire imp” from Conker’s Bad Fur Day when you enter the same incorrect cheat code twice in a row:

“Didn’t work the first time; ain’t gonna work the second time, dipsh*t!”

It’s literally one of the highlights of Battleborn for me nowadays as, aside from those rare good Pendles (and by good i mean cowardly) that attack me from behind when i’m near death, i’m always stopping calling out stun mines to my team to groan and say “hold on, guys; Pendles is attacking me again…”

One stun mine and two railgun shots later, and the Pendles in question is either dead or fleeing. Then i taunt them unless they are a low-level player, so that they get mad and come back. It’s the simple things.