Start the new takedown offline with no hotfix

YC appears to be back to full strength when played without the hotfix applied…

Is there a way to remove the “hot fix”? I really hate the changes they did. If I remove the hot fix does that mean I can no longer play online? If so, I’d see it as a worthy sacrifice.

Just press/click play straight away before it appears or disconnect your console from the internet before launching

If you play without a hotfix, you also won’t have guaranteed anointment on M8-10.

There are times when my screen says there’s available game updates and to press yes or no. I always skip without pressing either, I figured the hot fixes were not being applied. But I noticed that my smg Kaoson are all super weak and my Yellowcake rockets have been nerfed. I always play on M10.

I use to farm Captain Traunt for Kaoson and would take him out like in 3 or 4 shots with the Yellowcake, but now it takes like 15 or 20 shots. Seems like the hot fixes were applied even with the screen always asking me to apply new updates, I don’t understand.

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Crap! Looks like I’m stuck. :disappointed:

Shouldn’t that be built into the latest patch since it came prior to the patch? The hotfix should only contain changes after the latest patch.

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Should, but is not included in patch. Not a first time thou.