Start TVH with level 1 character

Is there a way to start TVH with a level 1 character?
For example if i play with my girlfriends account until i reach the end boss fight.
Then i join her with a new level 1 character. I beat the boss will i now be able to play TVH with my level 1 character? Of course because of the boss xp he wouldnt be level 1 anymore but at least he wouldn’t be level 50 like you normally are once you reach TVH.
Also if this works, are the enemys in TVH the level of my character or are they all level 50?

I don’t think piggybacking the finale will pass the game for secondary characters. A Friend joined me for the entirety of nekratofeyo and killed both Calypso’s and he didn’t complete the game.

Even if this did work, that level 1 character wouldnt have access to 2 weapon slots aswell as a classmod; as the final boss only unlocks the artifact slot

Damn that’s what i was expecting. I guess you can’t complete any main quest if you haven’t completed all the other ones that come first. Thanks for your reply thou!

You can accompany and get mission rewards… but you’d be under levelled.

I didn’t even think about that. But you’re right of course.

Yeah i just try to find a way to play the game on a higher difficulty without already being max level. I wish you could just start on TVH mode with any character as soon as you made one playthroug.

Kinda wish it was possible to start a new VH on TVHM at lvl 30. I don’t want to play through the story twice again with a single character and I simply don’t have time for that.

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Then don’t do it. TVHM is useless in BL3 and its only purpose is to reset the story progress.

It yields a better chance at anointed gear AFAIK.

Pretty sure its another seperation for matchmaking aswell

Other than the Maliwan Takedown (min level is 50), TVHM content & areas scale to YOUR level.

Oh and when the haunted event was running that was scaled to min level 13

I would use a feature like GBX added to BL2 and start a brand new level 30/32 character & play through TVHM

If I remember correctly you couldn’t start a character on level 30 until they raised the cap to 72

It was included in the final dlc…so the 80 cap

So if i find any way to get a level 1 character into TVHM then it would actually work!
Is there a way to edit your stats so you are level 1 again?

Actually it doesn’t. You’ll only see a difference between Normal and TVHM without Mayhem mode. If you are using Mayhem it’s all the same. So no need to play at TVHM, you can play at Normal + any Mayhem.

IIRC you would only ever be able to play that character in co-op. If you wanted to play it solo, it would drop you into NVHM right at the start. And I’m pretty sure you can’t fast forward NVHM based on progress in TVHM.

Bottom line is, you’ll need to complete NVHM story one way or the other.


Sorry no idea

No problem thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

Thanks for making that clear. Maybe if i get really lucky gearbox will at some time give use the abillity to start on TVHM with a new character