Started a new game and

All the guns in this game are interesting until you find yourself getting new guns at high Mayhem levels that are so under-powered that they’re useless. Why Gbx went down this path is a mystery to me. I think they were trying to sell DLC’s?

At any rate, in a brand new Moze build currently at lvl 8, I have a Butcher and a TK’s Wave. They’re fun. If i saw these at Mayhem 11 I would just ignore them as getting them at that level means they’re trash.

There should be a scale factor in all the guns, coming into play when you first get one, making them useful for the lvl you found them at. Naturally, as you choose higher Mayhem, your old guns would be less useful.

At Mayhem 11, for example, world drop weapons are so useless I don’t even bother to pick them up. This seems an odd thing for gbx to have done.

I mean, the Butcher is definitely still viable at M11. I don’t personally like any of TKs guns at any level, but that’s because of the weird, wide spread.


Fair enough. Ive gotten so used to ignoring most guns i havent kept up with recent buffing.

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Both of those guns can be good at endgame because of respective buffs. TK’s Wave needs a bit of building for, but characters who can increase accuracy get the best use from it.

It’s strange they made it so half the guns simply won’t do a thing in M10/11. It’s like they took slag out of the game but then built an endgame where nearly every gun which isn’t legendary needs it.

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Thinking about this, I have an alternate solution. It would be one mechanic that could be applied the the game across the board:

The game calculates damage output on each weapon, so we can use that to influence drop rates.
It should work like an amusement park ride - If a weapon doesn’t put out x-amount of damage, it shouldn’t drop in the game for whatever level.

Effectively it would be a garbage weapon drop rate nerf. It doesn’t have to be a very high watermark, but if a weapon is only does noticeable damage (not kills, does damage) with ASA +100 damage or similar boost, then it isn’t a weapon, it’s a space holder.

So it would function as an argument as such - if
x = damage
y = requirement

if x >y then weapon drops

Have a loot benchmark every four levels, and every Mayhem level.

That would mean adding 18 benchmarks for regular game and 10 for Mayhem levels.
So by adding 28 damage value minimum requirements, and one argument you eliminate all the garbage drops, and identify what items need a buff if your intention was to have them be used regularly in game play.

I quit for about a month and came back completely fresh, brand new game. Those early levels are so much fun. You’re constantly upgrading non-legendary gear from drops, vending machines and quest rewards. All the different prefixes and parts flavor your time with them until your next upgrade. Grenades and DoTs are fun and effective, I had a great time with an early Fastball drop.

The rest of the story I progressed from an OPQ, then a Yellowcake, then Scourge, then finished with a Hive. I went to Mayhem 6 and farmed a Plaguebearer. I got an Infernal Wish and Tobaggan somewhere in there, rolls didn’t matter - just got it and dipped. Jumped to M10 to get another Plaguebearer.

Basically I’m done, all there’s left to do is farm for better rolls. I knew what I was doing and had access to gear that earlier BL3 players didn’t, but still…

The balance is so out of whack not only between legendaries but between legendaries and purples, blues and greens. Mayhem scaling skills feels cheap. Mayhem itself is so unpopular I’m still surprised it hasn’t been overhauled. Some class mods are just objectively bad, some are too powerful, and there’s a missed opportunity for some purple class mods to rival legendary ones.

I had a great time, really. This game has so much more potential than where it currently stands. Sorry for the rambling rant, just about anything anyone has said about balance would be a good direction to go in.

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