Started BL2 ... yet again. Got lots of DLC but need suggestions

I took the game pretty slow. Right now i’m getting close to the end of the 2nd playthru (TVHM) and hit 50. I’d love to play the DLC stuff / farm etc but don’t want to get behind in gear before going into UVHM. I also want time to farm level 50 quests in TVHM :(.

Any suggestions on the sequence of events I should roll with? Any DLC priority? I read people get themselves screwed by getting to many levels and not getting appropriate gear.

Thanks for the help

PS: My 50 is Zero.

Pirate DLC for the Pimpernel, Sandhawk, and Orphan Maker
Torgue DLC for the Kitten
Can’t think of a good Zer0 gun in Hammerlock
Tina DLC for the Swordsplosion

Most of these quests are early-to-mid way through their respective DLCs, so you shouldn’t level too much, especially since XP is severely reduced in normal and TVHM once you reach level 50.


Yeah, after sh*t tons of farming… I just listed quest rewards

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Oh, true xD

Twister isn’t worth farming until you’re max level imo

Plus the odds of getting one in NVHM…

Do I need to beat TVHM before farming the DLCs at 50? Im pretty excited to try out Pimpernel.

Yes, beat the game and the campaign DLCs should scale to 50. Make sure you’re level 50 first just to be safe.

It doesn’t really matter whether you run a melee build or a sniper build. Scarlett dlc is the one to do first, in order to get the Rapier and/or the Pimpernel. Get those, and you’re good to go!