Started Claptastic DLC.. at level 17,,,, now really stuck

i got this yesterday and was playing it with my level 32 enforcer, and thought perhaps my level 17 claptrap would be fun… but its not… its a one hit blood bath… and i cant find a way out of level 13 1/2, im just stuck in the nexus or somehting… did devs just forget a fail safe… im pretty sure if i ventured in to this not knowing the level requirements they should say… “Hold ON… there be dragons here!!!” come back later, but there is no warning or bail out door or safe trav close… the only way to safe travel is through… and thats not happening with a level 17 claptrap… just stuck… and bummed… any ideas folks… really getting beaten up on this,

I’ve seen a couple of posts where people managed to exit, but then couldn’t get back in again so…

  • If you have on-line play available, ask for a partner in the relevant
  • If you can’t get on-line but have a second profile you
    can play, local split-screen co-op with a much higher level

i had same prob, low level character to check it out, if you make it thru far enough, there is a fasttravel, took me about 7 tries to sneak by with my new jack. but I made it out, you would think that they would have a fast travel where you first enter, but just a save point as soon as you get there, don’t know why they put a fastravel so far away that you have to fight to get to, but hay, I managed to get past and that was a level7 jack

yep.,… took about 5 tries… once on the nexus sneak to the jump pad and stay to right Jump to the elevator beam… and there is a fast travel at the end… if you fire even once before being fired at… you are toast… or i was… i will revisit level 13.5 at level 30 or 34… thanks for the tip… WARNING!! any one wondering if you can just jump in claptraps brain at lower levels… it will not scale below 30 anything below 20 or 25 is in for a bad time… mho.

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