Started sal sort of

I started a new Sal and im using the Rampage and Brawn skill trees what is the best class mod (I like to gunzerk a lot basically I don’t want to stop zerking) to use for that

psn ranmiah

You can start from here:

As you follow the links, just make sure to replace “forums” with “oldforums” in the destination bar of your browser, or you’ll end up back on the new (now current) forums. You may need to poke around for the COMs. This guide will give you a good overview of skills, builds, and COMs.

I’ve ported that guide over here with updated links.

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leg gunzerker. if you want max uptime gunlust is more important. piping hot and ready already synergize.

bezerker class mod for permanant gunzerking, or if you can get it, legendary gunzerker beats it in every way.