Started UVHM at lvl 52 but it's way too hard. Anyone willing to help me level up?

I started ultimate hunter mode at lvl 52 but I can’t even get pass boom and bewn, lol. My weapons are not really good.
Can somebody help me lvl up please?
I’d appreciate it!


PSN ID: Proppottone

Im only level 52 myself but i can help if you want. my psn is King Kittens

Thank you! Will add you as soon as I get home :smile:

You might want to take a look through the following thread - lots of good tips for those new to UVHM!

Idk if you want to, but my suggestion would be go back to tvhm and do all dlc or grind one hard boss. so it levels you up and u get real good loot.:smile:

The trouble with that is that you’re not going to get too much gear beyond level 50 that way. IIRC only Hammerlock and Tiny Tina DLCs can level beyond 50 in TVHM and, even there, you’re stuck if you started them before hitting the Warrior in main story.

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Thank you for the replies guys :smile:
Yeah it’s really really hard and during my first 2 playthroughs plus nearly all the DLC’s (except Tiny Tina’s one) I just got 2-3 legendaries which are level 46 so they aren’t doing anything right now =/
I tried to farm bosses on true hunter mode but the gear I get is always at level 46-50 and not more so it’s really really hard to go on with the game. I tried to look for lvl 60-70 online public campaigns on uvh but with no luck. A lot of people are struggling and I believe it’s just a matter of builds and weapons. Though with my setup…ain’t going far :frowning:

My first three characters into UVHM all had to make do without any legendaries. I had a few blue uniques, purples, and e-tech, but otherwise it was whatever I could find on the way (mostly green gear with some white).

Quick suggestion for @teddycookswell: You can farm Knuckledragger for a Hornet (legendary Dahl corrosive pistol) very easily - just jump your way back up from Liar’s Berg and pass back through the travel point in the Hyperion barge. Now, K. will spawn right outside the barge and each time you save/quit/restart, you’ll respawn inside it. It’s one of the fastest farms in the game, and the Hornet will make Boom & Bewm much easier.

Thank you VaultHunter101! I will try that method for sure :smile:

No it’s horrible all the way around I’ve tried every character with all the best gear from tvhm and can get out of the shelf. I havent played in years but I do know UVHM wasnt this hard when it first came out

The difficulty level in UVHM has not been changed - it’s the same as it was 4 years ago when this thread was new and shiny and didn’t smell like cigarette butts. You’re probably just a bit rusty? Also, don’t forget that TVHM gear is locked at level 50, so the more you play the further you’ll out-level it.

Closing this thread now to avoid further necromancy… :ghost:

@teddycookswell - I have a couple of LVL50 characters with a few decent legendaries if i recall correctly. I will check this evening and if I have anything I think will help I will send you a friend request. Doc.