Starting a new 30+ fresh game

Anyone want to join me in starting a new game at lvl 30 and beat both TVHM and UVHM?

I mainly play evenings Pacific Standard Time, but I do have Wed/Thur off so I play quite a bit those days.

I will be using the community Patch to change things up a bit, and I will probably be playing Zer0 focusing on pistols and snipers.

I don’t care if you are new or experienced, just be willing to have fun. We can do as much or as little as you want in the game, I am not picky at all. I have no problems letting new players take more time and ask questions about the game or character builds.


I would be happy to start a TPS game from lvl 1 if anyone is interested in that following the same guidelines as above.

Msg/PM me here and we will set up when and where for our first game!