Starting a new character

I’ve been playing BL3 for the past few months and absolutely love it! Rocking a level 60 Amara has been a lot of fun! With the new buff to Zane, I want to to try him as my next character but starting at level 1 after playing a level 60 for the past few weeks isn’t that appealing. I have a few questions:

  1. I’ve read online that if you start a new character in one of the DLCs, you start at level 13 instead of level 1. Is that true?

  2. With the release of DLC 4, do we anticipate that the level start for a new character may increase from level 13 to level 25 or 30?

  3. My bank is full of level 60 gear that my new character won’t be able to use for a while. Should I just carry my new low-level gear in my backpack?

  4. I don’t have any friends who play BL3. Any tips on how to level up fast? I’m not necessarily looking to max out immediately but I do remember the game getting a lot more fun around level 30 when I had more points in my skill trees.

  5. Do you think the season pass will go on sale with the release of DLC 4? Just wondering if I should delay my purchase.

Thank you so much for any and all input.

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  1. and 2. Yes, DLC characters start at lvl 13. I don’t think that will change for DLC 4.
  2. You’ll find gear just by leveling, I wouldn’t worry about your bank. Infact, you’ll probably end up selling all of it when DLC 4 comes out.
  3. Fastest method for me is to start a new game, RUSH the campaign and ONLY the campaign, beat it, go to TVHM and enable mayhem on a level you’re comfy with, and repeat. Campaign missions are almost a level a pop and I find this the fastest method.
    Then in TVHM I do my side quests and map exploration collectibles.

Thank you so much for the help!

I’m curious about a comment you made regarding selling the stuff in my bank. I’m currently maxed out at $99,999,999. Cash doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore at this point. Does cash accumulate past this point and simply doesn’t register on the screen? I’ve dumped hundreds of legendaries on the ground to make room for higher level ones in my bank. Should I have sold them instead?

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I believe it stops at 2.147B, so it keeps going up (I believe) and then after this point it resets to 0 so. 99m should be enough for whatever you need.
I typically dump my bank after a new level cap to make room for the new leggos.


1: Yes
2: Tough question. It would make sense since the DLC is presumably set after the events of the story but then again, so was the second DLC and it still starts at level 13.
3: Honestly, as long as you haven’t hit max level I wouldn’t bother keeping gear around for longer periods of time. If you just transfer some high level items to your low level character using the bank or the Lost Loot Machine and sell them, you should have enough cash to get your Backpack big enough. Also keep in mind that the next DLC is gonna increase the level cap to 65 (or rather, the patch alongside that DLC since you don’t need to purchase it to get that cap increase) meaning that a lot of the lv. 60 stuff you have right now is gonna become a bit irrelevant anyways.
4: If you have the Handsome Jackpot DLC there’s a boss called the Scr4p-T4ps. This boss can be re-spawned without having to savequit the game and walking all the way back (just look up Bl3 Handsome Jackpot XP farm or something like that). If you are going to play Zane, you’ll want to play the Jackpot DLC anways because it has the best Class Mod for Zane. Other alternatives are the mother of Grogons on the Anvil Map who can be insta-killed with melee attacks and gives a lot of experience or the Graveward boss if you have a setup that can kill him quickly.
5: Honestly, no idea. It might happen, but it’s also possible that once DLC 4 is out they’re gonna stop selling that season pass as the “season” so to say is gonna be over.


Thank you so much for all the help! Yes, my plan is to get that Seein" Dead class mod for Zane in DLC1. I appreciate the tip about Scr4p-T4ps. That should help me level up quickly!
My bank has all level 60 Mayhem 10 weapons that I just finished getting over the weekend only to find out I’ll have to farm my favorite ones again with the new level cap increase. At least, I can just focus on my favs without having to farm everything all over again.
Looking forward to playing with Zane since they finally buffed him.

You keep gaining money, even though the display only shows 99,999,999.
Until you have all SDUs bought, get whatever money you can and buy the SDUs.
I do not know how to do it, but I believe you can transfer money between characters. If this does work that would help your new character get his/her SDUs quick.


The only way I know of for transferring money, is trading it from your high level character to another player, then loading back in with your new character, and trading that money back to them. Just did that last night to buy up SDUs for a new FL4K using my wife’s character, then used her character to kill graveyard on her save file to quickly level up to 15. I would love if they would allow us to deposit money and eridium in the bank, a) to make it easier to transfer between characters, and b)so that I don’t lose so much on the rare occasions I actually die (made me cringe having my Moze get knocked off the map in Cursehaven, and losing 79 million dollars to respawn).

As a side note, money goes well past 99,999,999, as I currently have 600 million on my Moze, and roughly 1.5 billion between all 4 of my max characters. While it has no use now, the gameplay reveal from Gamescom does show new ammo SDUs in use, and I’m assuming we’ll be getting more bank and backpack space. Having previously purchased all the bank upgrades, I only had to buy ammo and backpack for my new FL4K, and 99 million left me short for the last 2 launcher upgrades. If my memory serves, the last time they upgraded bank, backpack, and 3 sets of ammo decks, it cost me in the ballpark of 350 million, maybe more, to get them all for my 4 characters, and my wife, and as this dlc looks like it may include SDUs for everything, I am guessing it’s gonna take a while lotta money. Hence, I think, why they are doing the big bonus cash drop event the week before the dlc drops.


You shouldn’t have any issues steam rolling nvhm with green and blue gear. I wouldn’t do dlc1 until you get to tvhm and mayhem modes.


If I find a good Legendary at lower levels I often save them so new characters can use them as they level up. Hand me down system. Something you may want to keep in mind if you plan creating a lot of new characters. For example, a level 9 Jacaob’s flood can sustain you for a few levels better than some same level gear. I think I used by leve 9 Flood right up to 11. Why am I suddenly thinking of SpinalTap? Anywho, just a thought.


Oh, oh Oh! If you find a Krakatoa ,it will perform CRAZY well, waaayy past your current level. (Under 60)

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While that’s true, it of course doesn’t mean you have to play the DLC. You’ll start on Sanctuary with the beginning missions done and you can dive right back into the campaign/story without doing the DLC you selected at all. Just bein’ clear.


And if you ever want to know how much money you actually have once you’ve passed 99 mil, just die.
Since the revive cost is 7% of your current cash, the calculation is simple

So if you notice that your revive fee was 10,500,000 dollars, that’s -
10,500,000/7 x 100 = 150,000,000 in your pocket

Not really useful, just interesting.

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Wasn’t revive cost 7% in BL2? I kinda thought in BL3 it’s 10%, but I may remember that wrong.

Anyway, the cheaper way to see how much money you have (post 100 million) is to get a Predatory Lending from Lavender Crawly - it uses money for ammo and when you equip it you’ll see your total money on the HUD where the ammo shows.

As for levelling up quickly, I do pretty much what thepersonwithaface suggested, only I throw the trials in after I’m done with story. You can also use a Moxxi’s Endowment if you stumble across one, and Tannis Science Machine sells a thingy for 25% (was it?) bonus XP for 2 hours.


I will definitely do that! I plan on eventually playing as all 4 characters. Thank you.

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I’m curious about your recommendation to wait till I get to TVHM before doing the DLC. This is my 2nd playthrough. I was going to start a new game, get to sanctuary and do all 4 DLCs (for new content and new weapons) then go back and finish the rest of the story. Any disadvantages to doing it that way?

Typically I wait until I’m max level for the DLCs. Atleast for DLC 1, max level so as I go through it I have every chance to get a seeing dead COM on Zane.
Aside from gear being max level, DLCs do make the leveling process faster, and you can always go back and farm or reset your quests. I would wait until level 65/60 (whatever max you hit first before DLC 4 drops) to do DLC 2 though, as the quest reward artifact (the pearl) is pretty neat and you don’t want to do that quest before max level.

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ME: (leveled all 4 character to 50 before the end of October last year) Uhhhhhhh…

In all seriousness, it can be fine starting from the ground up. If you genuinely don’t want to, the people here have pretty much said it all. I’ll say that going from 55 with several of my character the past few days to 60 by playing though only one DLC main storyline each (1-3 side quests for fun) has been crazy fast. That increase is without any Mayhem boosts as well so I don’t imagine leveling up will be too big of an issue.

Season Pass Sale? I’m honestly of the opinion that it will, possibly after the DLC has been released (because marketing isn’t about making customers happy or allowing them to save money). However, if your only reason to get the DLC is for the 12 level boost on a new character… I don’t see that as a good enough reason. Those levels will go by fast enough. If you are going to invest in DLC, do it because you want to play the DLC.

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That IS very helpful. Thank you.

Great tips! Thank you!