Starting a new charcter

Hey guys, I’ve played the hell outta tps and kinda Need a character change.
I played bl2 back in the day but none of the dlc Maps. So now I want to give it a spin…

So I know it’s subjective, but what are your fav charcaters? I enjoy all playstyles, except for melee.


My favorite is Krieg, but you said you don’t enjoy melee. However, you can try Hellborn Gun Krieg, although I’m not the one to ask about that. Past that, my 2nd fav is Maya. I love being able to stasis someone, converge and slag the entire group, then murder all of then with no issue.

Explosive Axton.


I googled explosive Axton and it looks fun. But why does everyone hate him soo much? He seems legit

Because he’s a no-frills character. People think because he can’t readily do broken amounts of damage like Sal, Krieg, Zer0, or Gaige, it means he’s bad. He’s not. I run Explosive Axton as well, and I’m working on getting gear to make an AR build for him.

I can understand that. If it’s not super op they aren’t worth thier time.

I really want to like krieg,but I don’t like how you don’t use any guns and that damn shield going off every 2 seconds will send me into A epileptic fit,lol.

Anyone try him?

You do not have to use a Flame of the Firehawk shield as Krieg. Anyone who says you can only use one has no imagination. You can run a Rough Rider or an Antagonist or a Blockade just fine as Krieg. However, I am not the person to ask for gun Krieg, since I play him exclusively melee. @BookEmDano is the gun Krieg expert here.

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Gunslinger/Hybrid Zer0 is a nice way to play, in my opinion. Also, I really love Gaige and Axton is a solid choice - was my first. Maya is always fun to play too.
I personally dont like Krieg and Salvador.

As of right now I’m on the edge between Axton, gaige or gun oriented Krieg. 3 very different characters,lol

Gaige was my first character, and I haven’t had as much fun as one-shotting buisers in normal with a Jakobs shotgun while Deathtrap runs around causing chaos. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t imagine Gaige not holding a double-barrel Jakobs shotgun.

Past that, Axton is the Explosive expert. It’s so strong that you don’t even need slag to kill enemies in a reasonable time on UVHM with an explosive build. He’s also great with Assault Rifles if you take a liking to them.

Like I said, I can’t comment on gun Krieg. Sorry.

Krieg is one of the strongest gun user in game without much pre stacking, just behind sal. Blood bath with leg reaper 500% damage bonus. use a shotgun you have another 100% gun damage from salt the wound.
To proc blood bath is easy, just use casters, hellfire, omen, blockhead, rubi, etc. To pro STW, wear a rough rider.
Also with elem empathy, you seldom ffyl.

Axton turretless is a good choice, invest in steady, use more grenade damage boosted weapons, not torgue ok, plasma caster, omen, blockhead, rubi, bekah, etc.

No bee no bee no bee!
No dpuh no sand hawk no pimp!
No launcher!
Raid boss, use what is necessary lol.

Why wouldn’t I use torgue weapons on an explosive build?

Because some non-Torgue guns get the Grenade Damage buff. It just allows some more room and versatility in your weapon choices.

Like weapons that explode on reload?

Yes, Tediore reloads get it. Guns that have Splash damage like the Hellfire or E-Tech SMGs and ARs also get the damage buff.

Any game difficulty except op8, you can use what u like, still killing stuffs.
In op8, u want only grenade damage boosted weapons on axton, torgue like dpuh, flakker and swordsplosion are good too but casters, omen, rubi, etc. pair with matching bones of ancient are enough for mobbing. Remember you are not rely on bee and turrets. Of course gears alone are not enough, skill synergy is more important.

Melee Fireborn Krieg. I know, you don’t like Melee characters, but the melee build gives him more survivability in my opinion.

Actually, just playing around with Krieg, I’m enjoying melee. Maybe a gun build with melee aspects to it?

I’ve played all 6 characters to OP8 and each of them does something different and great. Zero deals death at a distance if you don’t want to melee. Wanna clear an entire room in seconds? Gaige with Close Enough and The Nth Degree will do that. Get your enemies in a crossfire? Axton with Gemini is your man. Maya and Sal? Mob control fun and blazing guns, guns, guns FTW. And Krieg doesn’t have to be strictly melee- right now I’m running a Hellborn/Mania build that focuses on doing elemental damage with Butchers as my primary weapons and a RR shield. I rarely use RtB except as a way to take out shielded nomads (because an explosive ax to the face can solve a lot of problems… :smile:). With the exceptions of Sal and Axton every else has had an entire skill tree switched out for something else so even if you find someone to start with, don’t be afraid to switch things up- and of course, have fun…

Great explanation and mini breakdown of classes, I think I’ll give krieg a try. he’s outside my comfort zone and something new and different.
he will a breath of fresh air, coming from Jacobs only nisha ( no colors) lol.