Starting a new game

Hey, I’m looking for people to start a complete new game with. I stopped playing the game for a few months and I would like to start a new coop session.
Rules: No immature players, no hacked gear, and no playing missions without the others because I don’t want other players to be a much higher or lower level than me.
Game: I prefer the pre sequel because I never finished it in coop but bl2 is fine too.
Characters I play with: in the pre sequel probably: Jack in bl2 probably: zer0 or Axton.
I’m on every evening but I regularly play other games, feel free to message me if you want to play though

About me
Age: I’m 16 years old
Time zone: I live in the Netherlands so I would prefer people from central or western European time zone.
p.s.: I have a mic but English isn’t my native language so apologies if I talk a bit akward


I have never finished the pre sequel. I have a lvl 20 i think wilhelm. I never really got into the pre sequel like i did bl2. I wouldnt mind starting a new character since i never really got started with it to begin with lol. Im in CST in north america. Lord_Sylton is my psn. I will shoot you a friend request. Im 35 yrs old and am home all day Monday thru thursday.

if you guys playing the pre sequel hit me up im down

What is your psn