Starting a New Krieg!

Decided because i’d like to have a Hellborn Krieg and play as such from the start (to get used to it). Was considering making this some kind of niche playthrough, would be interested in any suggestions :slight_smile:

Put a few points into Feed the Meat first- starting in normal with a Hellborn build you’ll most likely burn yourself to death from the constant fire damage before enemies actually kill you. If you want to make it a niche build use fire only weapons- even vs. shielded and armored enemies :relaxed:

My first 3 usable skill points have gone into Burn, Baby, Burn. The only fire weapon i’ve got so far is a crappy white Inflammatory Aegis, but I can certainly do that once I get a few more fire options :slight_smile:

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Next up- the Tinderbox! :wink:

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Oh, yay(!) :smiley:

I’d beeline for a Hearbreaker as soon as possible, that’s for sure! Great gun anyway and very good in Krieg’s hands.