Starting a video series going over easter eggs in this game

And I wanted to know what your favorite ones are so far.

I have found references to:

Rick and Morty - Wick and Worty
Penn and Teller - Pain and Terror
Tommy Wiseau - Buff Movie Buff
Bonesaw (Spiderman) - Grenade found in game
RoadHog (Overwatch) - RoadDog
An Incubus Album, Fungus Among Us - Grenade found in game

A couple I am unsure of like:
FL4K telling their Rakks “Rip and Tear” possibly being a nod to DOOM
A grenade called Widowmaker possibly being a reference to Widowmaker’s mine from Overwatch

Please let me know any more you have found! I am having a blast reading every little item I find!

(I also tried to blur any spoilers so please do the same to people who may not want them)

I could mention the Monocle Sniper Rifle…definitely my favorite!

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The jakobs hellwalker shotgun has a doom reference. Looks like the super shotgun. Has the doom sounding shooting sound. And upon first pickup has the doom audio

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Do you know if you get that from a specific mission or boss drop?

I looked it up, I’m not getting the “One is Enough” reference

I think the first time was random drop the second one I got was from a loot tink. It there is a designated drop it is definitely worth the farm

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Thanks for the heads up! Definitely need to get footage of it.

It’s what I post when someone is spamming identical threads here.

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They made that one just for you haha

Yup. Coolest thing ever!

In BL1 there are several guns named after the original moderators of the old forums, before I became purpled.

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