Starting all over again

We’ll eventually invested in a Xbox one with a little help from Black Friday and £200 vouchers Christmas bonus.
So starting again as my other saves are on a PS3 I can use them, this time using Zero which I gave up on the very first time I did BL2 but now I know the game a lot better going to give him another go.
Any tips would be gratfully received

Did you check out the build category for zero? There is a lot of info there. I started zero and he’s up to level 37 . got a little bored with him and then went to Axton and now Sal. I might go back to zero one day, but I want to make a siren too. Good luck!

Level up his middle tree first so you get kunai as they are pretty much essential for any zero build.

Once you do that you can really focus on whether you want to focus on sniping (left tree) or melee (right tree).

The Cunning tree is the best for general gun play, but you can go with the other two if you want to play melee heavy or sniper heavy. But make sure that Death Blossom is going to be your second capstone.

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B0re. /Bore

Get bore at some point and enjoy the fun of lining up perfect shots through multiple enemies. And then try Bore on the bunker with a vladoff pistol and find that one spot that wrecks the bunker within seconds. So much fun.

I played melee zero from scratch earlier this year and I respecced when I hit the bunker so I could B0re him. Then later, specced back to melee.

Kunai are also fun yes.

But also the stuff on his right tree that lets him dash forward into dudes with melee and then the one that lets him go back into deception upon a melee kill in deception. That is tons of fun.

My favorite high level build for Zero incorporates all the above.