Starting battleborn locked after prolouge

So after completing the prologue and attempting to play online i cannot choose any of the starting battleborn as they are locked. In the command center the characters are unlocked but in the character select screen i cannot select them.

I have already tried redoing the prologue, removing and re-downloading my gamertag, clearing the cache, tried it on another console and reinstalling the game itself but to no avail.

Anyone faced this problem or know how to fix it?

Not seen that happen. Are you trying to do story missions or the other modes? Public or private matches?

Tried both story and versus on public and private, still can’t select them

Did you play either the CTT or open beta? It hasn’t affected me (open beta) but I’ve seen posts saying that deleting the CTT and Beta files made some problems go away.

I was in both the CTT and open beta, both are currently deleted from my console even cleared all local saves but no luck

So what happens if you just wait out the character selection timer - does it auto–select a character for you, or does it disconnect?

At the beginning i was able to select random which always gave me oscar mike some how, and then i completed the algorithm and unlocked Isic who was then the only character i was able to use.

I have since unlocked boldur and shayne & aurox through completing their stories.

I three mentioned above are unlocked and can be selected however I am still unable to access the initial set of battleborn characters.

I don’t know then - I can access any of the unlocked characters in the title table of icons at the bottom of the screen during character selection, as well as the “?” option. Since it sounds like you’ve tried all the things I would have done, all I can suggest is filing a support ticket through the main site:

The only other thing I can think of is if you are having connection issues to the servers, which might also depend on what region you’re in.

ok, thank you for all your help, hopefully they can get it sorted for me :slight_smile: