Starting BL1 for the First Time

Okay, so before I restate what already led you to click on this topic, I will preface instead by saying that I started with Borderlands 2.

I sort of skipped this one over, actually because I forgot I even owned it. But, I was completely enraptured by 2 and now that 1 has been found, I’m going to start it.

My biggest question is about the differences between these characters and how they play (in a general sense). In 2 I have leveled all characters, except Zer0, to at least 50, and have even reached OP8 for two of them. (First Gaige, then Maya) I am most familiar with using a shock/anarchy Mechromancer. (For those looking at what background I’ll be coming from)

So, kindly, help me with info on these 4 so I can better make my decision, please? :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not really accurate, but generally you can map:

Maya <-> Lilith
Axton <-> Roland
Krieg <-> Brick
Zer0 (sniper) <-> Mordecai

A few things to be aware of:

  • there’s no auto pickup of cash, health, and ammo
  • you can’t move in FFYL
  • boosts from class mods don’t show up in you skill tree (although they are applied)
  • driving is hard - keep the camera low!
  • relics only add elemental damage to your action skill, and are applied in that menu tab

If I think of anything else, I’ll post it. @Kurtdawg13 and @Vinterbris may be looking for a co-op partner to start from scratch over on XBox.

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All very good advice. Especially the driving part. aim low. very good advice.

as far as coop is concerned, @Ninja_Mrrr is on the PS4 platform. unless she also has a 360?

PS3 actually…

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you can do a shock/anarchy Lilith. it’s not the same kind of anarchy you’re used to, but its a BEAST of an SMG. and in Lilith’s hands, pretty much breaks the game, imo.

Lilith’s phasewalk can apply eletctric dots to your enemies by just brushing up against them. it’s pretty sweet.

Fixed. :blembarrass:


LMAO…yah, you’re right. lol

Splitscreen players ■■■■ drop in and out if I’m remembering correctly.
There are weapon proficiency boosts instead of BAR.

It will probably feel strange at first but its well worth getting in to.
Especially if you have the Knoxx dlc :wink:

I used to love using Lillith because she can boost around the map quickest.

There are separate options on the main menu for this game, Single Player or Multiplayer, you can still use the same characters but i’d be cautious about doing so. Co-Op on BL1 can mess up your quests if you enter a game that’s ahead of you, for example.

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Good call. I remember having missions screwed up a few times by someone joining.

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Yeah, I vaguely remember it happening to me. Just worth mentioning, might be best to have a ■■■■■■■■■■ co-op group from the start if you want to play co-op, and keep a character that’s exclusively for that.

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Non-gameplay advice : Don’t expect it to be BL2. ■■■■ stress that enough. It is quite different. And expecting it to be like BL2 will just disappoint you.
BL1 has its own charms. Keep an open mind.


Lots of good advice in those posts ^^^

Crap on a crust! I knew it wouldn’t be 2, so I kept my mind open, but wow. I can see base concepts that got upgraded in 2 and whole new ideas that weren’t in 1 as well. Only complaint I have is controller button layout. Unlike 2, I can’t fix it to how I’m used to. So I kept screwing myself by hitting the wrong button due to my layout on 2. (And * gasp * Tediore doesn’t do reload chucks?!) Overall it’s been fairly fun. It also made me think; if they made such jumps forward from 1 to 2…

What amazing jumps will we see from 2 to 3? (and yes I’m omitting TPS and it’s features they added)


It’s certainly a difficult thing to go to that after BL2, at least for me. Not because it isn’t a great game, it certainly is. Just a lot feels missing now. Glad you’re enjoying it anyway :slight_smile: