Starting fleet for modded race (new update Help)

As teh title says, how do i assign starting fleet for a race mod, and in this case, Turanic Raiders.
I got so far most of the stuff done to make my old mod work for the update, but i cant get the starting fleet to work.

Any clue on what needs to be done? It is all i need to know.
Thank you in advance.

Nevermind, i got it figured out.

And unlike other a holes woh never explain on what they did, i will tell you what i did incase you got the same problem.

The game still uses the old startingfleet script, so if you got confused and thought it was using something else, well, there you go, copy over that old script file and you are good to go.

I will say that starting fleet is going to get some serious edits before the next ‘big’ patch (being clear here because often after a patch is a small one to kill any minor issues we hit). All for the better, but I want to post a clear ‘under construction’ sign on it :wink:

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Well as long as the edits are easy to understand, and not so cryptic that gives Indiana Jones a headache, im happy.

They’ll be more of the same, more things separated into their own files - a bit of extra meta-data to allow filtering and connections to GR properties. I may allow selection of starting fleets in the setup screen (with a filter that GR will control), etc.