Starting fresh on Borderlands The Handsome Collection (Xbox One)

I have The Handsome Collection pre-loaded on my Xbox One, I got rid of my 360 right before Xbox One released so I cannot transfer my progress over so obv. ill be starting fresh. I plan on getting right into it on the midnight launch, I never played the Pre Sequel but I did have a decked out OP8 Commando on 360. Im looking to get a 4 player team (with mics) together to do some shootin and lootin with at the midnight launch. Idc if we do BL2 or TPS I just wanna play some Borderlands, anyone care to join?


You’ll be able to find more people to play with in the Xbox One section, so I’ve moved your thread there.
Good luck and happy looting!

I need a group for Midnight so I’m down. I’m EST time zone! Will be starting fresh, as I don’t have my Xbox 360 anymore. Played the heck out of BL2 so I have a good idea of what im doing, though that was well over a year ago, so I’ll have to get adjusted again. Add me as a friend and send me a message on Xbox so I know where you’re from. My GT is X Novia X
See Ya tomorrow!

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Starting fresh tonight as well! Installing BL2 right now and TPS is already loaded.

GT Hektikmonoxide

Sounds good I’ll add you guys in a Lil bit, hopefully we could get 1 more for a full team.

Hey fellas is X Novia X added Ya both from lastnight, when yall get on hit me up again

I can’t transfer my past characters, but if you guys want to join up and do a fresh run on BL2 or TPS feel free to add WhereIsMyLawyer

anyone wants add me ill be on tonight.


or maybe Toooo

cant remember how many o’s

Just picked up a copy today. usually on during the nights (Westcoast) due to work and classes.
Starting fresh as well since I sold my 360 awhile back, but stoked non the less, time to rack up those achievements again.
Going as a Siren again, have no interest in the other classes besides this one.
Feel free to hit me up on my Gamertag!


Just started up a mecromancer. I’ll be on a little later if anyone is up for it.

GT ~ Leo Adonis

I just started a Gaige toon myself. I had a few level 50 or so characters on the PS3 for both BL2 and BL:TPS, but too bad we’re not able to transfer across platforms.

GT: Bullroar212
GMT-4 (EST time zone)

i had the same problems with getting rid of 360. im a 15 gunzerker on bright lights mission right now trying to get back to sanctuary but im under level. could use some help. if anyone wants to join send me a message gt is xz renegade

I’m undefeatdgaul feel free to add me anybody. I’m like 16 or 17 axton right now BL2

My gt is lazygamer950 anybody can add me if they want. Normally on after work at 11:45 pm to 4:00 am EST. Will play regular bl2 or dlcs. At some point would love to find a group to go after triple o and finally get a twister, and maybe some raids for interface so hit me up. Cheers

GT - KeddyKnows

Add me if you guys want. I"ll be playing this game a lot.

feel free to add me xHELZxASSASSINx got toons at high lvls (BL2 only) but will start fresh ones