Starting game regardless of uneven teams

Bought the game recently on Steam after trying the Overwatch beta and not really feeling it. I really like this game, and want to like it even more, but there are a few glaring problems right off the bat.

First of all, when someone drops during the character select, and it’s visible to everyone (game obv knows, too), we can sit there for over a minute chatting about how this game is going to suck because we only have 4 players and the otehr team has 5, and then the game will start anyway. This is gamedev 101, so no real excuse here. When the game is supposed to begin loading, if the teams are uneven just throw the players back to the home screen in queue. Please fix this asap. I don’t think it’s a problem waiting the entire minute during character select to wait for the player to reconnect which is what I assume is happening, but the moment the match starts there should be a check for this and the proper action taken.

Second, I am getting matched against premade teams and teams of people level 50+ while my team is all single digit levels (all 3 modes). I’m not sure if there is an underlying MMR score to try to balance teams, but due to the fact that every time this happens it’s a 5 minute wipe and my team loses I fear it’s just poor matchmaking. When I am playing my third character ever and trying to learn the game, I would expect myself not being the best player on the team, or the highest level (level 5), when the enemy team is a 5 man group or level 50+. I played a lot of HOTS, but the matchmaking issues drove me along with throngs of other players away from that game (they had some similar issues to a game-ruining extent for a long time and it’s still not great). I am hoping this game doesn’t suffer from the same plight.

Anyway, the first point is of much higher priority obviously.


Does everyone already know about these issue or something

I don’t know about pc dude, but it only happens now and again on ps4 ( the 4v5 thing) and everyone ( with any sense) surrenders on the 4 man team. Never had such a miss ranked game as you tho. I’m lvl 30 and I play against levels 10 to 40, not that it matters that much as we all start at level 1 but going against a pre made team is hard work what ever level they are or you are as there going to play there role and work as a team. Think ps4 gets alot of people jumping from games like cod and think you can lonewolf it and don’t realise that it’s killing the teams bots that win you the game not the other pkayers