Starting level range in new dlc?

Wondering if they have said what is the set starting level range for the Claptastic Voyage?
I think Tiny Tina’s started around 35 in normal.
I recall some others could begin around level 14 in normal.
Maybe that was in the original Borderlands, I forgot.

Tina’s was 30. Hammerlock’s was also 30 but we don’t talk about it.
Scarlett and Torgue started at 14/15, as did all Headhunters.

Haven’t kept up with the news but for a DLC that’s supposed to be large, I’m guessing it’s going to start at lvl 25-27. Would be kind of odd to run through the entire DLC and possibly end up with an extra 5 lvls only to return to the main game and still be at the titan facility with guns that could possibly be useful all the way up to the end game.

In an effort to drive myself crazy, I figured I would try a claptrap in this dlc.
So far it is level 12- good times.
It would be nice to avoid doing another playthrough.
But perhaps there are unexpected joys with character.
For instance, at the first sound of claptrap’s voice, does Zarpedon turn around and jump off the ship?

Clappy’s dialog is some of the best. his interactions with npc’s is great.

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Tina and Hammerlock scaled to 34/35 if you entered them at those levels.

The headhunters, as well as Scarllett’s and Torgue’s would also scale to your level (to various degrees). But it’s what’s the LOWEST level at which they start.

So now that the dlc has been out for awhile, what is the best level to start clappys adventure. Also, what level for the holodome?

For Clappy, I’d wait to be done completely with the vanilla game. (I think 30-ish is minimum.) For Holodome, mid-20s up to near 30. (Each round will tell you its recommended level.)

I assume you mean the Normal-mode playthrough. For TVHM, I’d definitely wait to be Lv-50 and finished with the main game for Claptastic. Don’t even travel to Deck 13, because that might set the starting level lower than you want it. For UVHM, doesn’t matter. The world scales with you, and you can reset everything to play again at higher levels, up to the cap.

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Start claptastic around 30 to 35 in normal. Finish it around 35 to 37. Play TVHM from there to 50. It will start around 35 if you enter TVHM around 35+. It’s really ok to be a little overleveled in BL2 and TPS. Just a little. 10 levels extra is too much.