Starting new character, wanna play?

starting krieg from normal mode trying to get to uvhm, anyone want to join? add and message me, my psn is infested808. thanks, hope to hear from you all!

Hey Nicholas,

We just got a PS4, I’m starting from scratch again (finished all BL games on XBOX360), I’m looking for some laidback folks to get a regular party up and running again. Where are you located? I’m from Belgium, timezone: GMT +1 Haven’t had the chance to get a decent mic for PS4, though.

add and message me man, always on and down to play, my psn is infested808!

I’m on at all times, but I’m on the east coast of us

All my character data is on the xbox 360, so I’m only a level 33 assassin on PS4, but if you have a lower level character 30-36 I wouldn’t mind tagging along!