Starting new psn to power level

How do I start a new psn and profile on same system to split screen power level another toon? Ps4 btw…

Create a new account on PSN.

Have it join.



You do need a second controller.

Would still have to play the entire nvhm story so it could access mayhem mode to level your main account; whereas if you have dlc1 and a recursion shotgun its almost faster to just finish the story and level up with scraptraps

I have the super deluxe got it from day 1, so you’re saying this Is the fastest way? Im going to Try that.

I do have a second controller and I figured it out already have moze to level 10 from 2 side missions that I put off it’s great!!

Im already at max with amara and lvl 36 with Zane. Wanted to try something new and experiment. I want to legit level Zane but not in the mood for running through story.

Killing Graveward nets stupid gains.

Takes so long to kill though if you can suggest an amara build to one hit him it’d be greatly appreciated, before mayhem 10 I was able to wreck him on first slide with fire cutsma, but not now…