Starting to lose patience

Are they ever going to patch the game? Bugs every second are beginning to run their course on my patience.
I figured it wouldnt be a big deal, they will patch them and smooth things out and it will get better. But what a fool I was.
The exact same bugs on day 1 are still here a month in. Rather then perfect the existing content, theyve chosen to opt for more poorly running content.
The heck hole really is stupid as are the ghosts that continue to pop up as an annoyance.
Its become a strong love/hate relationship with this game. I want to love it and am working my 2nd playthrough but I really do hate this game now. Its more of a grind feeling then enjoyment now playing what feels like a very unbalanced game. Long periods of grinding to earn nothing without taking any damage and then through 1 door suddenly taking 30k damage in a single shot only to have my 2nd chance mode by killing my clone fail to actually work again.
The endless loop of grinding for hrs only to lose it all in a split second and do it all over again. Like not dying long enough builds an inevitable death scenario where the longer you go without dying the more likely it is to put some ridiculously one-shot-kill powerful weapon in the hands of a rando low level unimportant enemy.
The constant enemy level syncing issues when a friend joins in is out of control. When friends join now or I join friends, no matter what we are doing, we fast travel collectively to sanctuary and then back to the task at hand otherwise the enemies seem stupidly over armoured, taking extra ammo to kill until a loading screen can sync it all back up.
I know they will never address the issues this game has and I honestly dont know that Ill keep it that much longer but at least its nice to vent a bit before I sell it.

The level issue is a thing, but I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about with the rest of it. Regardless, if it’s bothering you that much just don’t play it. Negativity like that is only going to make your game time a chore.