Starting to See More VH COMs That Who I'm Not Using

Trying to farm for 2/3 COM like weapon damage, element, etc and since finding a perfect 3/3 rolls I need is hard.

I feel heartbroken using Zane and all I see is other 3 VHs COMs more than the current VH himself. I really wish other VH COMs just stop appearing unless I use them. Too much rng in this game as it is


farm loco chantell and freddy :wink:

i have a semi good one :smiley: also still grinding for the perfect roll but hey… it’s the only thing i know i CAN farm for :wink:

the relic (or what ever it’s called here) doesn’t have a dedicated drop i know off, so…

but yeah, if you’re grinding for a zane classmod that’s the best spot (and the best mod for zane)

jackbot is a pretty good farm too , higher chance for a com , but u have to reload everytime

I still find more mods for the class I’m on, but I’m honestly happy I see mods for the others cause I play all 4 so it evens itself out anyway. Finding a new one for a different VH will make me swap over and farm on that one for a bit

I farmed Evil Saint Lawrence for my Zane mods. Set my spawn point at the Jackspot entrance and just ran up stairs for a quick and easy spawn. Kill him(seen him drop 3 class mods at once many times) and any badass mobs in the area(they drop mods frequently IMO) rinse and repeat. Hell I had my farm down to 15-20 secs full cycle with speed boosts. Probably had 2000+ kills on him during the event.

Which Mayhem level? I’m on M4 and take him down pretty easily but I get things like Moze and Fl4k ones too much.

@AzrielXXX I’ll check on that. I may need to bump my Mayhem down to 3 just to speed through it. I may be experiencing super bad rng that day

Armada and Scraptrap Prime are also good sources for class mod coms.

Though don’t forget I’m playing as Zane ane that enemy I think before Scraptrap in VIP room I been farming and all I see is other VH coms. I’m losing my insanity when that happens

I still don’t get it. If someone need to farm for coms for a different VH then they should use that VH. Am I right or wrong with this? I feel exhausted to go through so much rng variables along with annointed from other VH abilities.

Don’t get me wrong I have all VHs at 50 but in my time I feel like using Zane. When I switch to someone else I want to farm for their coms. I’m too confused on why it not tied to what the player VH is selected though

That’s weird. I mostly use Moze and had been seeing a lot of Moze coms in DLC. Next I see is Zane.

60% Moze, 30% Zane coms