Starting Ultimate Vault Hunter

I started the UMVH mode with Maya. Actually, i’m on level 52 with the mission of searching Lilith(Fire Hawk) and i feel so lost in things like legendaries, builds and use of dlc. Some people told me about farming legendary weapons each 3 levels at least but i’m not so lucky.

Can you help me to understand all about umvh? also the path to lvl 72 and the OP1 to 8 . Also, some people said that it’s better to start dlc’s when my character could be on lvl 72 op8 .

Thanks, and sorry if i wrote so bad. I’m not good speaking or writing in english

I would say, start here:


Meh, really not necessary in my opinion. Sure, it helps to have a close-to-level legendary in at least one slot, but you can get through with purple, blue, green - and even white rarity items that are actually at level. The trick is to do what the guide @Kurtdawg13 linked says - be strategic, use slag, don’t rush, persevere.

What I do is push through the main story up to the “go talk to Claptrap to go to Heroes pass” bit. Along the way I’ll do side quests that net me only XP, cash, eridium, or missions rewards that aren’t legendary or blue unique items. I’ll also do parts of Hammerlock (up to somewhere around “Whoops!”), all of Torgue main story, and as much of Hammerlock and Tiny Tina as needed to get me to level 72 with maximum storage. Then I’ll wrap up main story so all the remaining quests level to 72. At that point, you can farm for whatever you like, and decide if you want to do OP levels or not.

If you already know you want to go all the way to OP8, then you may want to skip missions and side quests in the DLCs that you want to get at max level. More likely, though, is that you’ll farm the level 72 versions to get you through a few OP levels, then reset and re-farm, etc. One thing though: unless you are extremely single-minded (or have a lot of help) getting from level 52 to OP8 on the same character could become painful. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try different characters in between rounds if you find things getting stale.


Like VH said , most people defer a good majority of the blue reward quests until 72.
Its worth noting though that you can reset your uvhm progress at any time.
I’ve done it before where I pick up all the good gear as I go , then I usually finish the story with a few levels to spare so I reset and run through it again without picking up the best quests.

Also there are a couple of pieces of gear you can keep getting as you go ( gwens head , lascaux etc)

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A good build to start off UVHM with looks like this when I do it, which is quite often… It gives you plenty of firepower, good defense, and good crowd control. Goes down well with almost any of Maya’s COM’s, but the prefered ones are Cat (if you use SMG’s), Binder (for cooldown) or legendary Siren. For a Legendary Siren, you’ll wanna move some of the points to reap the full benefits of that COM.

Legendaries can make things a lot easier, but the other guys already said it all. Regular stuff goes a long way, as long as you don’t rush in like a dumbass.


I tend to spend the 50s almost entirely in DLCs. You can only afford to do one DLC before level 50, so starting UVHM is the first time you have the freedom to just go explore everything rather than grinding through the same story for the third time. The Mercenary Day DLC is a great place to unlock for gear farming, and the other headhunter packs are fun diversions as well.

Things to watch out for in the DLCs - as already mentioned, don’t do too much of Scarlett, since you’ll want Pimpernels and Sandhawks at 72. Motor Momma (about halfway through the Torgue DLC) and Jackenstein (final boss of the Hammerlock DLC) also roadblocked my Maya when she was in the low 50s. Coming back at 72 with top of the line gear made a big difference in those fights. :slight_smile:

Useful gear to be aware of if you want to farm it -

  • Hornet, corrosive pistol from Knuckledragger. It’s absurdly easy to get so you may as well when you’re about to visit maps with lots of loaders.
  • Hammer Buster, outstanding Jakobs rifle from McNally. It was my Maya’s primary gun from 56-63 and 66-72 (lucky drop of a Godfinger in between). Also very easy to farm in the Dust.
  • Lyuda, Vladof sniper from Gettle - another good thing to look for in a Dust farming run.
  • Unkempt Harold, from Savage Lee - I use it as a FFYL gun on Maya. Another absurdly easy farm.

None of those are necessary, especially for Maya (Cloud Kill is still stupidly strong even in UVHM), but they’re great guns that are easy to get whenever you need a new one.


The Dust is a really good place to start farming new piece of gear.


This right here- not only great for on level gear farming but rewarding in XP as well- you might actually gain a level or two if you run the boss fight consecutively…

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Thanks. I farmed Hornet and Harold. Nice Weapons. I loved Hornet against the Hyperion Robots