Starting up my 4th melee zer0!

(Ryan Cm) #1

Hey community, if anyone would be able to hit me with some gear for melee zer0, I seem to have deleted my character with grog nozzle - etc. Much appreciated in advance, running through fresh right now so if anyone has some gear to look forward to I’d greatly appreciate it!

(Ryan Cm) #2

PSN - PlayingHiii ~

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #3

I can drop you whatever you need. I’m on most nights around 11 est.
PSN: Sun_TsuNami

(Ryan Cm) #4

Right on, some more things I’m looking for are 72 and op8 melee shields. Any chance you have rare zer0 skins and heads as well?

(T_Auclair) #5

Would you by any chance have a level 19 slated blades rubi. I’m In nvhm