Starting without a weapon

With several characters, Oscar Mike, Marquis, I have started matches without a gun. As soon as I die and respawn, its there. But its obviously not good for my K/D.

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One way to fix it is to quit and rejoin (less of a hit to K/D) but you’re not the only one who’s getting it. I’ve noticed it only seems to happen with gunner characters, I haven’t seen the issue with Thorn or any of the melee characters

Happens to me also

It happened to me with Miko (I could use healing beam, but not kunai). Respawning fixed the problem at a cost of one death.

I’ve run into the same thing, though I’ve actually had it occur in multiple forms. I’ve had no gun at all as you guys say, but I’ve also had it where the gun just visually isn’t there, I can still shoot, deal damage and use skills, but the character just isn’t holding anything. (only experienced this with Whiskey Foxtrot thus far) As you guys said, dying or rejoining seems to fix it in both cases.