Stat Caps on some Stats?

Are there caps on how much you can stack a certain stat before the change is unnoticeable or negligible?

Like, how much Attack Speed can you stack before your DPS doesn’t really change? Movement/Sprint Speed? Reload? Recoil? etc etc.

I am just wondering at what point is it overkill and a waste of gear slot/helix upgrade.

Doomsday key, vow of zealous fury, any extra 5% attack speed breaks deande meele animation and phoebe lose dps if you use true strike combo ( also sometimes you cant even use true strike)

There are problems with attack speed boost from gears apparently Results, bugs, and conclusions from extensive testing of attack speed stacks

I haven’t hear of any caps or problems towards the other stats

That sounds weird. Any video evidence of both those things?

Mellka’s lore legendary lets her get to ridiculous amounts of reload speed; I’ve noticed animation glitching and “fake reloads” once that happens. It also makes her canister mechanic screwy.

It’s hard to tell how much a role lag plays with that, though - latency is one of the worst contributors to reload glitching.

Yeah, that’s the thing, it would be cool to know at what point it starts to negatively affect you when you’re stacking stats like that. Even if it’s just glitchy, nobody wants to handicap themselves willingly.

In the case of reload, it almost feels like the animation frames are sped up faster than the actual reload time itself is, because you start seeing Mellka go through the reload motion twice for what counts as a single high-speed reload - although sometimes the ammo doesn’t replenish, forcing you to do it again, and again, and again.

Maybe there’s a cap on how fast you can reload, but the animation speed increases even once that cap is reached?

Meanwhile the canister seems to be a separate thing, because it’ll come out once, and only once, regardless of whatever crazy reload spasming is going on. (Also, when you interrupt a reload to use a skill, the next reload won’t give you a canister. It is infuriating and every Mellka player will know what I’m referring to, haha.)

I knew I wasn’t crazy. After her melee attack speed buff I ran SEoA and another attack speed that gave me 5% more and it messes with her melee animation as if she was going slower.

Idk if she gets slower, but her last hit with both fans (like an uppercut sweep) stop showing and reset to her horizontal fan sweep.

Yeah, I dont like how it does that so I leave attack speed alone when it comes to her.

Just Dont break 29-30% att speed

Don’t step within a friendly Ernest’s attack Egg.

… You know what? I have no idea what happens when you have 35% att speed and get Ernest buff…

Legend has it you turn into Pre-Nerf Galilea.


Or worse CTT Ambra and Phoebe

CTT Phoebe was a monster because she had a STUN. I miss CTT Phoebe. lol

I forget why CTT Ambra was OP…I think it was she had 3 sunspots by default and flame shield speed boost was SIXTY(60)% and uhhh…her Ult dropped faster? I didn’t run into a lot of Ambras during the CTT.

Her beam was like the length of a footbal field, I think her movespeed was faster and I think her beam did more damage. I can’t remember exactly, but I remember Ambra and Phoebe were like the two most complained about in the CTT.

It was a number of things, chiefly revolving around her staff. It had much better damage and thus better life steal, the range was incredibly long, and her movement speed was around average.

The end result was most characters she could just dance around at a comfortable range while tethered as they died. You really couldn’t touch her with melee characters. Most fights she left with more health than she started.