Stat Questions - Whiskey

Sticky Bomb - 208 damage

Level 4 Helix Right - Stick n Sap - Up to 216 damage over 3 seconds, +50% damage to shields

  • Is the 216 in addition to the standard 208, making it 424?

  • Is the +50% damage applied to the 216 over 3 seconds, the base 208, or both?

Level 9 Helix Right - Stronger Stickies - Increases Sticky Bomb Damage +15%

  • Does this apply to the Level 4 Helix mentioned above?
    208 X 1.15 = 239.2
    216 X 1.15 = 248.4
    Totaling 487.6

  • Is the +50% shield damage now being based off 487.6?
    487.6 X 1.5 = 731.4 shield damage for sticking ONE sticky bomb to someone? Or say a Sentry? :heart_eyes:
    PLUS 360 damage from Napalm on Level 6 making it 1,091.4 all together?

Last Question

  • If I’m running Shield Pen that’s 21% plus 10.5% after activating skill and I take Level 7 25% Shield Pen, I’m now rocking 56.5% shield penetration.
    If his clip is 31 dmg per bullet at 30 bullets = 930 X 9.1% gear = 1,014.63 for a full clip

This SHOULD net me 441.36 Shield damage and 573.27 Health damage per clip, correct?

(Looking at you Kleese and ISIC)

I’m going to double post @schwy85, but I’m going to go through and answer each thing that I can

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Yes to the first
The second question is to the 216 over 3 seconds if I recall correctly

In my experience the “extra” damage helixes aren’t boosted by helixes that boost the skill damage

As a Kleese main I hate anyone who takes shield pen but yes, although if you end up against a Shayne and aurox this is counterproductive due to the passive DR while Shayne has a shield up

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Also does the 15% damage boost also apply to the Sticky aoe pool helix?

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That I do not know

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Why would it be counterproductive? Wouldn’t everyone be doing 20% less damage to S&A? I would think of it as “at least I’m getting some health damage in there”

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Or you can break its shield and remove the 20% dr.

Usually thats the isseu, shield penetration only works when they have a shield, if the shield is gone your buff too.

Also you will do more dmg but you are missing 3 slow nades and 3 pools of fire.


You would have to deal much more damage to get rid of the damage reduction.

Say Shayne has a 600 shield(no gear adding to shields)

600*1.2= 720 effective damage to remove the shield(and Dr)

At level 7 Shayne has 2109 health

441.36*.8= 353.08

573.27*.8= 458.61

Of course this whole time you and your whole team can’t crit Shayne and miss out on the 1.5X damage bonus for your first 2 clips(I know not exactly correct but not far off) even if you have perfect aim

This isn’t even accounting for the Shayne taking gear or helixes either

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I can never decide which I like more. 3 pools of fire or one super powerful assassinating grenade. In terms of Incursion of course; Meltdown is 3 pools of fire all day

Aaahhhhh, I see what you’re saying now. Better to get the shield off asap rather than chip away at health with 80% of the damage I could be doing.


Yes, but currently the DoT is glitched and, at least visually, only does 180 damage to health.

If I counted the DoT procs wrong, or if it’s only a visual glitch, feel free to correct me.

I’m 95% sure it’s only the DoT that gets the bonus damage to shields, not the base grenade or Napalm.

97% sure it’s only to the base grenade, not the DoT or Napalm.

So at level ten your grenade with R4, M6, and R9 should do…

  • 502 damage to health + 360 from Napalm
  • 592 damage to shields + 360 from Napalm
  • Yes it is 56.5%, as shield pen is additive to my knowledge.
  • Yes that calculation is correct, and so is the damage to health calculation I didn’t quote.

This seems to be the general consensus and also would explain why the math in game wasn’t adding up to the math in my head.

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