Stat Trackers For Weapons And Items?

My favourite part about this game is the depth of the loot and how it varies. If all our hopes are right we’re set for an unreal amount of loot to shred through however I think it would be even cooler if I could track the stats of everything I do?

For example:

Weapons - Damage dealt, Overall kills, headshots, elemental damage dealt etc.

Shields - Damage blocked, novas released, spike damage dealt etc.

Grenades - Damage dealt, kills, multikill record etc.

Character - Kills, Damage received/Dealt, Kills per weapon type, Overall elemental damage, manufacturer preference/kills, kills with action skill etc.

Linking weapon stats in with badass rank as individual level challenges for each weapon and it’s stats.

I feel this could add an entertaining amount of depth and attachment to our loot as well as let us track our characters progress and overall badass feel to your progress as a player.

Any thoughts? For me this would be a total game changer :pray:

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