State of Critical Hit Damage

I would like to bring up a topic that’s not talked about much and that is the situation with Critical Hit Damage in general and specifically anoints.

As we all know, Hitting enemies in critical spots is a good idea for more damage.
However, GBX thinks that 20% (After Iron Bear) and 25% (General ASE) and 50% (FL4K) and even 70% (! Barrier…) is gonna be good enough for gameplay. Taking into account that Critical Hit Damage is multiplicative with Base(Card)/Gun Damage bonuses, it is not multiplicative with itself, and in the end adding up even maximum critical hit damage on all possible sources as you can won’t be better than even having 100% weapon damage on action skill end (Which at this point is a Meh of an anoint).
In a general sense, you need some skill to hit critical spots and that should be rewarding. Instead, we have anoints that because of their uselessness shouldn’t exist because they just add up to the mess. If you speed run the game you’ll be level 34-36 by the end of the main campaign at which point you will start between M1-M4, and if you see an anoint with Critical Hit Damage you will either ignore it in favor of that 2 Mag 100% Element damage or 100% Weapon Damage or SNTNL Cryo or whatever, just not that Crit Damage.
Also, apparently the 70% on Barrier anoint has a cooldown of 20 seconds until you can use it again… Why?
And also end game, take both Unforgiven and Monocle with 300/90 anoint, they still won’t one shot (Hey, Jakobs, what’s up with your slogan? Clickbait much?) you need overkill damage for it to start working.

Ok, rambling aside, I’d like to make a suggestion for a change, it should be fairly simple, but what if GBX changes it to be a multiplicative DAMAGE increase, similar to the 300/90 anoint, but instead of it being valid for a short time like that 300/90 it only applies on top of critical damage. And sure, FL4K got Megavore, but read the description, it’s just 20% chance, if you’re not going to be hitting crits more often you’ll be losing on damage.

And going back to the Barrier anoint, why have 20 second cooldown on something that is not even as useful as SNTNL Cryo that you can keep for much longer even without a Seein Dead and gives you more benefit in terms of damage?

What do you think about my suggestion?

Just a quick math: Weapon does 100 damage, lets say you double that damage on crits (Just crits with no additional bonuses) you get 200 damage from the crits. If you add a bonus of 20% to the crit damage you will get 220 damage on crits. If you get 100% weapon damage ASE, you get 200 damage base and on crit you get 400 damage. 400 > 220

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If I can offer advice.

More and Fl4k can hit upwards of 50-80M in one shot

Zane… well. He will hit you for a bunch of 8M lol

Amara has incredible annointments as is. At least imo

Things like the Barrier 70 are for builds that give you that shield bonus on your some. Try it out you’ll see a bigger difference in damage output.

That being said the only viable annoint for Zane is 200ASA and even that I might have 8 viable guns. 2 in Guardian Breach.

I’ve seen people run the 150 urad but they’re an idiot lol

There’s so many useless annoint that it pollutes the loot pools so bad nobody is willing to farm

That is beside the point, I’m running builds with 150/50 urad too and it is much better than what you think it is.
All characters can do massive damage, including Zane. The 200% on Action Skill Activate (And while holding it and not switching guns) is not a very good idea for Zane.
My point was for Gearbox to enable more diversity in play styles, especially one that makes sense, for example if even that same Barrier anoint would be changed to what I said, but of course 70% is still less than 100% SNTNL Cryo, but if it would be changed to 100% Multiplicative damage on Crits and have the 60% Accuracy still… that would make much sense to use for shotgun builds for example and maybe even would make people understand that it’s worth going for Nerves of Steel (which is another thing by itself that should be changed, I tried to give it a chance… it just sucks, mostly for how you lose the stacks) remember these tips they put on loading screens about how if Zane invests in Nerves of Steel he can be sniping with a shotgun even, wonder why people don’t go to this skill ever. Easier to just stack up on accuracy on COM with some Crit damage (General / Manufacturer specific) and run with SNTNL Cryo on weapon.

There’s also still the topic of the new Zane COM (Hustler), just trying to understand the logic, if they can explain it in a way that would make sense, I’ll accept that, but they don’t, they don’t care, unless I’m wrong about that, then they should prove me wrong that they actually care. They haven’t commented once on the Hustler even though so many people and even “Influencers” posted about their disappointment with the COM and other people are trying so hard to make it work but still failing because the COM is there just for filling space because it doesn’t matter. And that said about the last campaign DLC COM.

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Then you ignored me

I specially gave you the way to make that shield crit viable and you ranted about how I’m wrong about 150 urad.

It’s obvious you just watch YouTubers for your build.

This is what’s harming your gameplay.

Stop copying what you get told and try something new. Maybe consider a different element ? Maybe try loadouts NOT on YouTube.

Plenty of those annointments are still viable. You just need to have different builds. Especially once your guardian perks crank out.

I already agreed with you on lack of them but that’s literally designed to create more builds… you JUST apparently want to do max damage. That’s not how you play a 4 player game

Try giving Fl4k the icebreaker instead of Zane and see what happens.

Change things. Don’t copy streamers

If I’m ever watching streamers that would be for an inspiration, not to do their build or download their saves, I don’t ever do that.
Also, I don’t play online because of all the cheaters.
And I don’t agree with you on Zane not being a good character. I’m not a Zane main, well… I don’t really have a main, but definitely your accusations are over the top.
Important to note, I’m a Jakobs main, yeah, if there’s anything I’m a main in.
Maybe that would clarify about the Critical Hit Damage part.

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