State of Game Re Hash

So now that the game has launched, basically nothing in the bottom half of my post was addressed.

Gear - Not only did you reset everything from the betas, but then you gave 3 legendary packs to people who bought digital deluxe, I preordered and already got the season pass, and I can’t even buy epic packs until 30, which is a lot of grind when you give out free legendaries. Incredibly poor decision making here. It is incredibly telling when someone has 3 legendary items versus someone who doesn’t in an equally skilled game. I have 16,000 coins because I am not buying anything under the highest level packs. Why waste coins. They aren’t keeping me from winning games. It would make sense if you didn’t give out free legendary pakcs to DD editions. That would be like league of legends giving away free tier 3 pages of runes for paying 20 dollars when you start. Even league of legends occasionally talks about possibly doing away with the rune system. This is basically just more of what I said last time.

Match Making- You completely took out any kind of competitive play, which I understand maybe you are working on it, but it absolutely needed to be part of the game at launch. I can’t count the number of times I have seen enemy players just leave the game. My team collectively usually has something like a 40 or 50 kda at the end of a game. We have lost three times maybe since launch. That should not be a thing even for experienced gamers.

Visual Effects - Still crazy. I still can’t at all see through lots of shields. It is cool if you want to block damage from them, its not cool for them to just block vision to a portion of the map. or make it impossible to see around someone. Toby’s wall. Sure shield the enemy from damage but from LoS as well? Isac’s randomly circling shield is a pain in the ass to see around on top of already protecting people in a large area around him.

Buildings - Melee damage dealers can kill a Thumper without taking damage by circling it. It can’t kill minions at all. It gets 2 shot by my Marquis at 10 and 4-5 shot at level 1 and it gets 2 shot by a Galilea at 10. A Galilae who admittedly kind of needs a damage nerf. I think most of the other buildings are working fine, but I really think a building in lower mid was great when it was there. An additional point of contention.

Hit Boxes/Invisible Walls - Also with more play I have discovered that your hit boxes and invisible walls are incredibly prevelant. I can snipe thumpers from around corners and I can shoot at someone near a corner and my shot is blocked by a wall. I can’t shoot at Isac over the mid wall even though a solid chunk of him sticks out. Even standing still. We have tested it in inhouse games. If I can see something I should be able to shoot it. There shouldn’t be invisible walls everywhere blocking bullets. It might be okay in single player borderlands, but it is just another thing driving this game into the ground. These are easily duplicated by the way. Go into any server and just stand near objects and shoot at other people near objects. The hit boxes are worse for larger enemies it seems.

9000 players is what you capped out at on steam today, Saturday of the opening weekend. You had 12000 players throughout the day on Tuesday at launch. I hope you are doing better on console. If you scroll down the list just a tiny bit we see Borderlands 2.

I really feel like the devs had a super split decision on the single player and the multiplayer. You would have been better served if nothing else to at least match the Overwatch price point at $40 and charge an extra 15-20 for the single player campaign. Or sell them completely separate. You may want to investigate that, but I feel like it may be too late at this point. The multiplayer isn’t dead yet, but I don’t feel like it will last the month unfortunately. People doing pub stomping aren’t having fun and people getting pub stomped are having fun. People will exit very quickly. Having match making in a competitive game is necessary at launch. The longer you wait and the smaller the player pool the less useful match making becomes.

I won’t lie I have been pretty negative on these forums lately. It aggravates me and I am sure the forum staff isn’t happy about it, but I feel like you guys just launched this game in a less than “gold” state. You could have launched this game for free and probably made more money off DLC single player content and paid for skins. In addition to that, people would have been willing to deal with early release flaws, but having paid $80 myself I am looking at it from a radically different view.

At Dreamhack my friends participated in an Overwatch tournament(which they didn’t even like the game) and came in second place due to a garbage tie mechanic, but Battleborn had zero presence at a large gaming convention hours away from their headquarters. You couldn’t even send over some QA guys to try to get people hyped. That is pretty distressing to me.

You still have a couple of positive notes.

Selection - I think the vast majority of your characters are balanced.

Leavers - Hopefully they are still intended to be locked out of the game when they leave. Unfortunately there are still tons of them. If you ever get matching making going, put leavers with leavers. It is nice.

We will all continue to play until the game truly seems dead, but it is just distressing to watch the player count drop daily and not break Tuesday’s launch numbers on the first Saturday. Our hope is that after the Overwatch open beta closes up next week the game will get a much needed infusion of people, but based on the forums and reviews of the game I am still not incredibly hopeful. This has been a somewhat depressing week. I probably spent more time monitoring my Battleborn Tap than enjoying actual Battleborn. Couldn’t even get it to link to my steam and get the gold Orendi skin, but that didn’t keep me from cracking the top 100 leaderboard. Thats about it for my thoughts on this game. We are playing it, but not necessarily getting the enjoyment we want out of it.

If you can’t get a ranked mode in, at least get a hidden MMR in and stop putting random groups against a premade to bandaid the game.

Hotfixes are welcome. Please don’t wait to try and fix everything at a later date. The game won’t be alive.

Continuing the discussion from List of Thoughts/Ideas to get Battleborn More Competitive:


If numbers keep declining, hopefully they will move to a F2P model eventually while not making it unfair to or giving perks to those who bought the game fullprice

I would accept actual skins over color palette changes, but who knows if that will happen. I could say give me gear, but that would just ruin things further. It would be an weird decision this quick and early. People would go crazy about getting refunds. If it happens it would probably be long after the game has been forgotten.

Well, at least you made an effort to be balanced by pointing out some positives. Kudos for that.

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Next patch is suppose to include those.

I really doubt BB will ever become F2P. Only thing it would do is piss off the people who bought the game for full price, or any price for that matter.

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I paid 80 bucks for the game and I would rather it go f2p than have paid 80 dollars for something I can’t play in a month or two.

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Eh, even if it runs into a similar scenario as Evolved, there will always be a dedicated community. Not as big as the devs wanted to if the scenario is true offcourse, but Evolved is stil a game you pay for, and it’s considered dead by the majority of people.

With evolve you didn’t get the creeping sense that the devs were abandoning ship for their next game.

GBX isn’t doing that either, just use the devtracker.

My biggest complaint in almost every multiplayer game is the bad matchmaking that most devs implement. I play solo almost all of the time and getting matched against a pre-made team who has nothing better to do than pub stomp all day long is not fun at all and really kills games for me. I have quit some games all together in the past because of this problem. If you enter match making with a full team you should only be matched against full teams with similar skill even if it means your going to be waiting for the next 10 minutes to find a match OR we need a solo queue to help even the odds for those of us who do not have the time or energy to get a coordinated team together just to play a couple of matches before we crash out for the night. I do not mind losing a match as long as it is a fair fight but getting curb stomped repeatedly with a very low chance of even getting a couple of kills in is not fun at all.

Curb stomping surprisingly enough isn’t fun either. Close games can be frustrating, but they are at least fun.

While I find your tone a bit demanding, you explain very well your criticisms so I commend it. I think many of your overall complaints though unfortunately are sort of inherent to the game now that it is already released; for instance, the visual effects which are very unlikely to change, the legendary gear which I myself questioned even though I bought it DD specifically for that gear (to not be at a disadvantage myself), the walls and hit box (it is pretty rampant so I’m guessing not an easy fix), etc.

The rest should improve over time, but one point I heavily disagree with is character balance. There is clearly one real champion and a few that are near unplayable in PVP. People will argue this if I say names but without a full organized team against an unorganized team certain characters will never succeed. Never. lol Let me say again there are a few characters who will never, ever taste victory under normal circumstances.

Trust me from having played an incredible amount of these kinds of games. Having just one incredibly broken character(Galilea) at launch is a pretty decent situation. It is becoming an issue however that they haven’t hotfixed a nerf in to take her down a couple notches until they maybe raise her up to a playable spot again.

Unplayable can be fixed and doesn’t usually hurt the community to badly, over powered however drives players away generally until it gets fixed. If this game were well established neither would hurt the game, but the opening weeks, I can agree that Galilea is definitely damaging the game. Hitting something too hard with the nerf bat quuickly is better than getting it perfect after it has been running around on the servers for days(weeks if you are going to count beta) in my opinion.


Well this appears to have become an unfortunate casualty. It is a shame they ignored basically everything anyone said about what needed to be done to keep this game alive. Don’t think I will be shopping for 2K games in the future.

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