State of play .. Guardian Takedown since hotfix

I have a pretty strong Amara, who is well geared, and has decent Guardian rank, and I’ve been looking forward to a new challenge in the Guardian Takedown. So today we saw the hotfix get applied (thankfully), and I went in with my friends on M10 to take it on, ready to enjoy the necessary change. Within 25 minutes we were either out of ammo, or dead from insane knockbacks that seem to scale with movement speed. So, here are my thoughts on improvements, because I still (just about) have hope that this might one day be a fun takedown … one day.

  • Monarchs rule this takedown … they shouldn’t. Players should be able to tackle this content using a variety of guns, especially if they’ve worked to get M10 weaponry and gear.

  • ‘The boop’ as coined by Mitsu in the Bordercast needs to be addressed. The knockback based on speed is absurd. I was stood, for example, in the centre of the first bosses platform, and got knocked back around 100ft because I had acquired a speed buff from a mob kill … that’s just ridiculous … and the angle meant I had no way to re-orientate myself for a good landing.

  • Please, please, please let us select mayhem modifiers individually. Re-rolling all of them over and over is just so dull.

  • Make modifiers more diverse and interesting.

  • More ammo vendors … ammo usage is insane in the new takedown because of all the mobs … the boxes around the edge of rooms are not sufficient unless you want to gimp your class.

  • The takedown desperately needs a couple of check points … it’s just boring to re-run the same corridors because of one of this takedown’s BS deaths, rather than work on bosses.

  • Triple crystal event needs to be looked at. Spawning in exploding mobs at the centre crystal is ridiculous along with the insane knockback.

  • Jumping puzzles … either make them easier or on rails. I play Borderlands for gun-play and progression, not dumb jumping puzzles that only slow things up, or cause stupid deaths because of random effects.

  • Balance takedowns in general. How is it that someone can solo Maliwan’s with strong gear, but struggle so much in Guardian’s? Aren’t takedowns meant to be similar difficulties on M10, rather than vastly different?

These are only a couple of things I think could improve the takedown, which for the most part has a great setting and some interesting mob dynamics. However, these underlying features (or lack thereof) is fundamentally breaking it so far.

I realise the hotfix only just hit. I realise Mayhem 2.0 is fairly new. I realise the takedown itself is new. I offer this to be helpful rather than destructive. But come on … challenging content isn’t when you leave in BS mechanics that undermine both the effort being made to tackle it, or the effort taken to get a decent build and decent gear.

I still have faith GB … please listen to your community.


Knock-back, even without speed buffs makes the new revive system useless. It’s just not fun and I can already see that I won’t be finishing it on M10 for a long time if ever. I just don’t the reason for it. It’s not what I asked for.

Jumping puzzles, no matter how “easy” are still a bad idea in a mode that punishes you so severely for dying. The first big jump over the spinning chunk of building can end the run if you don’t time it correctly or hit some portion of it that shoots you off to the side (still not sure how that even happened).

And maybe this has always been the case, but trying to run and jump with a heavy weapon will leave you a bit short of your goal. I don’t remember it being such an issue before, but it sure is one now. I’m glad some people are are enjoying it and receiving the rewards. But this isn’t the game I bought so I’ll wait for more fixes and other content.

Nice try GBX, I don’t expect you to please everyone, so I’ll give this a B+.

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So how was the difference between before the hotfix and now? Did you notice any difference?

I did personally, I was running solo version and mob tankiness felt like a buffed version of Maliwan true version. After hotfix I can complete a sequence without having to switch 2-3 times to cutpurse launchpad, mobs are definitely less tanky and clearing is faster

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I won’t be playing it again, feels like I’m playing that garbage dump Destiny all over again, no thanks.


@volny Yeah, you can feel the difference, but in my opinion the health change (while necessary) kinda exposes some other short-falls.

I did two runs back to back on M10 before and after the hotfix. Health reduction felt like 5-10%

I don’t notice s difference at m10. Maybe my hotfix aint This hotfix i dunno. Its said hot fixes applied alway as i log in everytime since the first week post mayhem 2.0… Heh…so how the helm will i ever tell what i got?

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Also can’t tell for sure if it got applied. Is there any way to check the gameversion? Is there something like a gameversion? If it was applied, than I’d also like to know, what GB considers as “significant”.
If it stay’s like this, it’s a content for 3% of the solo players. If it’s meant to be only doable in groups fine… Well if there was something like a proper way to find a group… But anyway all this has been said.

The change to the hp is a welcome and necessary one, but both platforming and forcing you to stand still are horrible mechanics in a first person shooter.

It is particularly annoying that they have included platforming like this since in BL3 they added more movement options that on the whole were something you could choose to use and when they have used platforming in previous games they even solved the puzzle for you after a couple of fails so they recognised the annoyance of it back then, but now seemingly think a whole raid based around it was a good idea.

The standing still thing would be less annoying if it wasn’t so boring and repetitive with how often it is used and if it wasn’t disproportionately punishing to solo players.

the first time I ran it with the hotfix the difference was obvious, a couple of hours later it seems to be back to the old version :man_shrugging: where is the hotfix for my hotfix?

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Yeah i see everyone saying its reduced i go and its really not at all… Sooo im like … Wth…

They probably messed up some stuff when no one was looking :rofl:

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I’d even be happy if they bumped up the amount of ammo that bad guys drop on death. That should be hot-fixable (vs. trying to figure out where to put a vendor), just make them spew lots of ammo when you kill them. Then we’ve earned our refills.


I ran it an hour after it was uploaded and didn’t have the hotfix either, when I died to a jump pad it told me to return to the main menu for an update. That did it for me. Yeah though, it does seem there’s something going on with the hotfix not being implemented immediately.

Anyways, good post by the OP though I would add the awful design of Scourge. The repeated waiting periods are not good even in concept, particularly the teleports.

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@TemetNosce Thanks. I just hope they get some time to look at this stuff because it’s a fairly nonsense takedown as it stands. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long hehe.

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Yeah the takedown still sucks, they need new-u stations before every dumb jumping puzzle.


I dont care about enemy health. Its the platforming that keeps me away.

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I just completed the Guardian Takedown solo with my Deathless Amara Sniper build using a Nimbus COM on M10. I wasn’t able to do that prior to the hotfix. Well, I could but I didn’t want to spend the time to do it. It took me about 45 minutes to get through it all.

He has minor immune phases and the ones that he’s connected to the crystals up on the platform… You just melee the crystals to stop those immunity phases.

The jump parts are relatively easy once you’ve learned how to cross them the first time.

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thought i’d see what the hotfix did, health better but still to much for single player, very, very item specific.

got knocked off first set platforms about 8 times thanks to knockback.

killed first boss again got to next set of pillers and got knockback again straight off the edge, was final straw for me, never again.

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