State of play .. Guardian Takedown since hotfix

Same for me. I tried for about 4 hours now on M10, so I can say I really tried. Made it past the 2nd crystals 4 times in countless attempts - once legit in a mere endless struggle (i would use more adjectives to describe that mess but I’m trying to respect the boardrules) and 3 times through a bug that sometimes caused no enemies to spawn. Got knocked off the very final platform right before Scourge 4 times and finally hit alt+f4.
It really was kind of fun but I’ll consider to do something a little more pleasant now like chewing rocks or sticking needles in my eyeballs :thinking:


I hate to be the one saying this, if this hasn’t been said already.

I feel like the hot fix nerf to enemy health in the new take down isn’t enough.

Before i get flamed about saying that, i want to make it clear that i enjoy playing my Zane with 150 Rad build. I shouldn’t have to be forced to switch to ASE build just to be able to complete this new take down. I’m not decked out in god rolls but i’d say my gear is pretty decent. while i can obliterate some maliwan troop in 0.5 a seconds, then goes in to the new taken down and run out of ammo after gate #1 is not fun.

im not even going to mention the jumping / knock back/ charge crystal mechanic lol …
there is a reason why i stopped playing Destiny…


I feel I can definitely feel the difference. M10 felt impossible before, and M7 felt very difficult. I played on M8 this time, and while it was still a bit of a slog, it was pretty easy really. M10 would still probably be super spongey, but I feel confident to at least try on M9 now.

One weird thing that happened though is that the first door opens all by itself now, without me needing to press the button or charge the crystals. This happened both times I started the takedown. Did it happen to anyone else?

Also, I feel like the constant barging and knocking of the guardians was much stronger this time around, though that may well just be me noticing it more.

I can feel the difference too but it is not enough in my opinion. You really need to have some god rolls and specific build and weapon in order to even complete the take down in approx 45 min or so. That is if you don’t get knocked down to your death or miss a jump …

What happened to play the build you enjoy ? instead of being forced to use certain build / gear in order to do this take down… so not worth it .


Yea, the jump parts aren’t bad. Now for speedrunning purposes I skip them - Amara, put on Driver and have Speed demon mod on let’s you jump past all the purple platforms lol


Yea, the door thing is very inconsistent, 90% of my runs the first door is open already but sometimes it’s not which is annoying.

The weirdest thing that happened to me today was when fighting Scourge after getting his first full armor bar down and he teleports you.

Instead of teleporting me to the planet surface I was teleported to the middle of the air and I literally fell for like 30 seconds. Ended up on an invisible bottom and couldn’t see anything so I had no choice but to rocket myself and start all over lol. I would be upset but it honestly made me laugh super hard

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I think the health reduction hotfix was about right.
My characters are not godrolled with uber optimized builds. I was able to run some of my off builds even and still got through without too much trouble. Have tried this with all 4 VH. Amara and Fl4k seem to have the easiest time of it. Zane and Moze were both a bit strained though doable.

I played through twice with no mayhem and the mobs were a breeze with bosses still a reasonable challenge. After learning the mechanics of it I jumped up to M6.

Mobs went down in very reasonable time using my M10 build and was a reasonable challenge.

So I jumped up to M10. Yes, mobs were tough and spongy, but as long as you take some form of ammo regen with you there wasn’t really any problem.

To make sure I used a regular otto cutpurse and a fishslap grenade. Yes, I have the Launchpad Cutpurse and the rocket boots cutpurse and they made things a lot easier but just spamming a few fishslap grenades while fighting still kept me full enough on ammo to keep things running til I reached an ammo vendor. Of course that is running solo, where you can pause game and change weapons and artifacts and such. I am sure multiplayer would be much more annoying but as it seems multiplayer is, at best, difficult to get into atm, it is not something that I have to worry about at present time.

Knockback and exploding mobs and such for all those crystals and ledges still royally blows goats though. I agree at least put a check point at each door after the three crystals and it would be more palatable.

Next real complaint would be the quality of the loot for finishing. Not really impressed with any of the dedicated drops so far. The two shields … Meh. The lightspeed … Meh. Smog … Meh. Even as a Zane weapon it just feels lackluster but useful. Webspinner … I would say Meh but I have yet to see if there is a way to utilize it’s wall crawling ability to make the Takedown easier. Have to play with that one a bit more.

Haven’t gotten the globetrotter yet so no opinion. Looks a bit strange with the energy sawblades from videos I have seen but will reserve further comment until I can experience it firsthand.

I know it is not really on topic but I have to mention that I think they over nerfed the Kaoson. I mean it is already locked behind a dedicated farm and a M6 wall, it SHOULD be more powerful than standard world drop weapons.

Ah well, I like the challenge, I like having the longer raid style that I cant beat in 6 minutes. It is tough but it is doable. Just like the hardest content SHOULD be. At least, in my opinion.

Best of luck all.

So anyone else get a revert or they seem the same?

Hotfix sign needs a dang number on it.

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As someone who’s enjoyed playing click click rocket moze, I’d prefer vendors to extra drops; the build is barely functional in the maliwan takedown just because there’s ammo I can’t choose not to pick up everywhere

Nope, takedown rn is good. It was a bit overtuned pre-hotfix but now it can be managed way more easily. Maybe you should work on your build.

Btw when a mob tries to bump/yeet you I highly suggest you just slam the ground. Should prevent you from falling to your death

Don’t you have that slide show in the lower left corner? One of its pictures is hotfix applied + the date of the hotfix

Even the best batters strike out sometimes. And GBX struck out with this TD. I enjoyed the MTD when they scaled it. Joey was fun, the DLCs have been pretty good. But this TD, for many reasons already mentioned, misses the mark IMO. It is free, so it’s hard to be upset. It was an honest effort by GBX.

I don’t think they should waste too much time on it. There’s bigger fish to fry.

@EzioILMentore As I said in the OP … “the angle meant I had no way to re-orientate myself for a good landing”.

@sportster I totally see your pov … I think TDs work alongside more story-driven content like the DLCs, so they are important enough to put time into. Even after the last DLC I still run MTD when me and my friends feel like it, or new guys join us … hopefully the same can be said for the new TD one day.

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Lol stop defending so desperately, its clear most people hate this activity, they just need new-u stations everywhere then it would be fine because then we dont have to start from scratch all just because my character cant mantle for ■■■■ when my toes touch the 3rd platform right before the final boss.


Both Takedowns only have one new-u station. I don’t see the problem. The platforms and all the jumping is easy. The crystals are the issue… But I like the design. Makes you work at actually getting through.

@korben44 You might be right … I don’t think I’d mind fighting through it all if a few of the other issues I raised were addressed. But rather than just pick holes i was attempting to offer a couple of solutions, regardless.